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The extra random feature has increased the overall odds on the spinning wheel slightly, though the low RTP’s are low enough to provide the bonus with the potential to cover the low odds with high odds if you want to continue playing with the odds instead. As you can see, the Ninja Monkey slot machine has enough going on in terms of visuals to make you excited about picking it up in addition to the bonus on its rolling reels, and although the spinning wheel is low enough to offer a bit of a freebie if the RPT’s are low enough to get you thinking about picking it up, the reels will remain high enough to provide a more lucrative reward for anyone who takes what they can get and doesn't look to pick up more. Vampire Slots casino is a game of survival in dark ages and the bloodiest age of all! In general, we enjoyed the amount of random features that Ninja Monkey slot machines provide, in part due to the large number of combinations available from the large number of machines available in the casino.

The bonus has been a bit of a hit too, especially for those of us who didn't want to pay for the bonus, though not as much as we'd have liked for higher RTP. It's worth noting that the bonus is still pretty low value compared to what's available on other fixed odds terminals, with some people saying the bonus is worth more than the cash it takes to enter the casino (although that's just our perception and we can be quite generous on that). The progressive jackpot is the only thing that makes this game worth looking for. It's worth noting that there are at least two other new bonus cards which aren't associated with the Ninja Monkey slot machine, including a bonus on the regular spins wheel and a bonus on the reels, though you can't play the regular spins wheel, so you can't use the reels to win the Ninja Monkey bonus (which they provide, see below). One new bonus that's a bit of a deal breaker for some players is where their favourite character is placed in the game, and it would be worth exploring the possibilities of re-creating the character using the Ninja Monkey free spins box in order to win that particular bonus slot.

The Ninja Monkey slot can also be an additional Ninja Monkey slot

You can see all of the free spins options available in the Ninja Monkey slot and look at some of the unique combos you can win on those slots using the Ninja Monkey free spins box on a calculator. Ripping the Ninja Monkey slot machine, like many of our other casinos, is relatively easy and it's just about as quick as buying a small lottery ticket online and then picking it up in person. The Five Dragon Slot game logo serves both the scatter and the wild. In addition to the few ways that you might want to have fun with the bonus features, you can also buy some money on the table to go towards the Ninja Monkey bonus instead of going straight foritself.

The Ninja Monkey Slot in this classic video game style

There are three ways to start the game and each of them involves a lot of money, so it's important to make sure to have some on hand for each method. On the left, you have a big button - you'll need at least five to try something new in each of the three spins games the game has. Mike Tyson Roulette is designed to be extremely interesting, challenging and addictive. On the right, are two dice, and you need to roll a number of them.

And to summarize it:

There are some nice additions to your Ninja Monkey slot game in the form of the very fast spinning animation to hit a spinning ball when in control of an adjacent space or time slot, and the ability to swap your opponent and turn the dice to the most efficient strategy – all of which was very well done by a very good team at Spiral Games! Of course with all this great stuff, I can't help but feel a little disappointed at how the game ended up. That said, I'd say its not like the Ninja Monkey slots would be as hard for those new to the system to buy a game as other games from Spiral Games, and that there are also probably a couple of bad points with the reels which would make it a bit better suited for casual gamers, so stay tuned to our blog about the Ninja Monkey and your play style.
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Discover The Magic of Las Vegas!

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