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Cheltenham Festival Results

Cheltenham Festival Results

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The top three finishers of the Unibet Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham Festival race all come with a £500 entry fee and a £250 prize money bonus. A number of other big Hurdle entry fees are also available including a £500 entry fee for the Cheltenham Champion Sprint and a £500 entry fee for the Cheltenham Champion Grand Prix event. There are also special entry fees for the Cheltenham Champion Hurdle and the London Marathon with the entry fees varying from £1,500 for the Cheltenham Champion Sprint and £3,000 for the London Marathon. If you are unable to secure a position for any of the Cheltenham Festival races in the run up to the big races, many special event entry fees are available. Cricket betting tips are the most crucial in daily sports betting tips. The top five Cheltenham Festival Top 10finishers all come with a Cheltenham Festival Entry Fee of £250.

The bottom three finishers of the Cheltenham Festival Top 10 finish are all £1000 entry fees. The Cheltenham Festival Grand Prix is the most popular of the Cheltenham Festival races and the Grand Prix Entry Fees are a big hit at the Cheltenham Festival. The Football Tips Center app, which is open to the public, is available now for download from the Google Play Store. A Cheltenham Festival Entry Fee of £100 will net you three entry points.

Cheltenham Festival Results

An entry fee of £100 will net you seven entry points. An Entry Fee of £55 will net you two entry points. Horse Racing Predictions, From An expert's Perspective, Is All About Predicting The Winner, By Using Strategy and Expertise. An Entry Fee of £55 will net you five entrance points. If you are in the top three spots during the Cheltenham Festival Hurdle (at the end of the final race) and get to the final start line of the race - you will be given five entry points.

If you are among the last 10 places on race morning of the Cheltenham Festival Hurdle - you will net you an entry point. Entry Points at the Cheltenham Festival are a cash bonus on top of the traditional entrants entry points (£250 prize money). The horse racing blogs are designed like guides to get you hooked in to buying the horse.

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There are a number of entries which include a cheque in the post plus a cheque in the post (up to £500 entry fee) with the cheque/money arriving in just three days time or less. The cheque comes with no entry fee and is delivered directly into the post from a designated UK Postal Service. Cheltenham Festival has moved from The West End for 2016 to London for 2017, with the last day of 2017. The Cheltenham Festival has a number of tips which will help you get started in the right direction.

Many things can go wrong in the run up to the Cheltenham Festival and the Cheltenham Festival Race Directors cannot be held accountable for any of them. To avoid any disappointment - it is best to register ahead of time so that you don't miss out. A good way to register ahead of time is through the FSF website.


  • Hurdle-winning Epatante has been a huge favourite of the race fans at Cheltenham since the very early stages and his victory at last year's Cheltenham Festival will be nothing short of a historic day for the British and Irish Lions. A big number of Irish National players will be racing in Fife this weekend as the Irish Rugby Union (IRU) will field a squad of seven Irish National players in today's two day event which has two separate National and International competition for this weekend event.Another two National teams, St Helens and Saracens will both field full Irish National teams in today's racing event as there is no other International event at the Cheltenham Festival. This is a major opportunity for the Irish National teams as it means that they will be fighting for a place in the World Cup in Russia in 2013 to be held at the same time as the Cheltenham Festival Racing Final which is at the Crib in Cheltenham.
  • You will also get the best news to be sure on the Cheltenham Festival website daily just by viewing the website. There is a free Cheltenham Festival website for you, so get on it today and be sure to check it out when it comes to the Cheltenham Festival.A free Cheltenham Festival newsletter is also available for you to keep up with to keep track of all things Cheltenham, including the best racing news and info on all important Cheltenham events at the official Cheltenham Festival website.
  • This event is one of two major Cheltenham Festival Ante-posts going on from the May 2016 event and is part of their UK and Ireland line-up. Other events going on and off the Cheltenham Festival will be: F1 Betting by F1, the Cheltenham Festival Champion of the Year, and all the more spectacular F1 Tapping and betting events with top local and non-UK betting outlets. The Cheltenham Festival Events page on this website provides information regarding all these and more when you need them to be of use to you. There is a full list of all the events currently happening at Cheltenham and Cheltenham Festival and you will find all the main Cheltenham Festival events along with the most recent ones on the website.
  • The Cheltenham Festival will be streamed live on the BBC iPlayer and live on Sky Sports. To access any of the Cheltenham Festival's live events and the 2016 T-Mobile Cup, click here for your nearest station.
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