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You can access all our football tips across a variety of formats like Daily Kickoff, Live Leagues, Live Betting Picks, Online Football Leagues, Football News, League Picks and much more. Free rugby league betting tips and our best rugby union predictions for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We love rugby league betting and it's always been that way. Paddy Power in play has partnered with several leading online bookmakers including Bet365 and Wager365. And we have been providing rugby league betting tips from our expert football tipsters this season.

We have also kept a large free sports betting database which you can read about here. The sports betting industry is not about playing your favourite sport. It's about trying to win the big games where the cash flows in your favour and we're there to help you get the most out of these big fights. Live soccer betting is a simple game. There's not enough data in the industry, so you may not know what all the odds are on each of your favourite sports but these are the free sport betting predictions we have written for you. All our sports betting tips are backed by the largest range of sports betting statistics to be found anywhere.

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We work hard to provide complete football betting statistics to our great football tipsters. Free football tips and our best football predictions for today and the weekend. Since 1999, we've been delivering football betting tips from our expert football tipsters and that will continue while there is oxygen in the air! College Football Betting in the NFL has become very profitable, with the average NFL player being paid about $20,000. So the big question is: which of these seven sports betting predictions should you bet on today on football betting sites?

Free bets & odds from our site are updated every day and we give you free football betting tips and predictions for most popular soccer leagues, tournaments and leagues across the world.

The answers to these questions will determine your football betting strategy. We are providing free football betting tips on both live football and rugby league matches and you'll find their exact betting statistics here as well. We have written over 120 professional football tips for football managers, pundits, analysts, fans and punters.

We have also written football betting tips on a variety of sport and the best football tips for your favourite team, team of the day, or the day's match in general. It's as simple as finding the right sport and the right team and picking the right line up for your betting. And we do this every single week. The following chart shows all the top sports betting tips from our experts over the last eight years for football and rugby league. All our tips are accurate in the top six percent while they're still considered as average.

So what do the sports betting tips tell you? A good team at home is as good as a top team when your fans are at home. Our expert sports bettors have written about all types of top teams, teams on the move, and teams up against teams and top teams from all across the country that are as attractive to punters and fans.

So grab your football tips today, read up on the top tips for rugby league and football and pick the one that you believe is right for you!


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  • Every week, there is a free kickoff and our predictions can be found in our Football Predictions section. You can also follow us on Twitter and YouTube where we will keep you updated with live NFL football predictions of every week. Don't worry, we won't stop here with you.

    Follow our blog to keep up with our football coverage and get a new football game every week, just like every weekday.

  • To take all that free advice from the experts and run with it, you could also join our Betting and Lifestyle group. Here you'll find thousands of free football betting and football betting tips in the most sophisticated free betting markets available. We also have plenty of free football betting tips for the home side that you can download and read online to make you more confident when placing money. This free information is always updated and we'll be able to give the best betting and betting tips in any market.

    What's best is that you can access our latest free bets and football betting tips as soon as the betting market is live.

  • In 2017, we are giving football betting tips to some of the biggest leagues in the world and we also offer free tips on the MLS season. So, it's no surprise you find great football betting tips in the KickOff Football Forum! In fact, you might even find some good football tips on KickOff! What are your thoughts on the KickOff Football Forum?

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  • We've partnered with the Football Betting Analysis and Research Association to create a comprehensive database of all the latest and best football betting tips from the best sports bettors available in the UK. We've created the definitive football betting guide to track the football world. It includes all the popular picks, favourites and high scores, plus a wide range of football betting tips from the very best on the net.

    These are the tips available every time you bet in the UK!

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