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Neptune's Gold Slot

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When you win, you get 1 free spins, and if you are the last player with a chance of winning to make sure you don't miss out on this bonus! In this game the sea animals of the seas all play an integral role in your quest for Neptune's Gold. They move the board, protect the treasure you're searching for and can even defeat your rivals! King Neptune Casino has the 5× slot game at Free Slots 4U rated #1 at Best Slots website. Here are some more shots of the game's gorgeous art to bring you an even more stunning experience.

If you've ever tried to create an ocean theme on a slot machine you know they can be tricky. I found that though I had plenty of luck with it on the first try I had to turn it upside down and reset the board to get it to work correctly. The Dolphin Treasure casino was introduced to the public in 2003, and in recent weeks, hundreds of people have been queuing up to play. If you look closely at the game it's obvious to those not paying attention what the game is in concept and even that it's not a full set of cards per say. I've read in online reviews that one player has been able to figure this part out but it certainly isn't the type of game that we would call a hit.

Neptune's Gold is a game of strategy and exploration

It's really a gimmick and an easy to play cash machine. When playing Neptune's Gold you begin the game with 4 special cards. Tokoriki Island Things to Do Island Resort is truly a paradise for happy reunions! These areNeptune's Gold, a treasure chest andanchor.

The Hunt for Neptune's Gold is no longer in operation with VGTs

The anchor is used to protect your treasure chest which includes various items such as gold, gems, rare gems and even gold coins! Here is a preview of one of the special cards! Wild Dolphin: 2*2 slot from GameArt - Not much to learn from this slot. A great look at how the anchor can be used to protect your treasure! You'll see these unique cards, anchors and the hidden gold coins on the bottom of the cards as they move across the board.

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The bottom row always includes the Neptune's Gold button that displays a random icon of Neptune's Gold or Neptune's Treasure. Here's a closer up view of this button when it's active! The special item that you'll need to use to obtain Neptune's gold in order to begin the game is found in the treasure chest. Inside the chest you'll find several items such as gems, rare gems and even gold! Underwater Slot Machine, you can go all over the casino even without your money. The Neptune's Gold button is an on/off switch allowing you to select either the Neptune's Gold or the treasure chest to play from.

Once you've decided which one you will choose during the opening screen the coins will slowly slide in from the bottom as your gold pile grows. The anchor is used to help ensure your ship keeps rolling and protecting the treasure chest and will be shown on the bottom of a card as well. Once the gold has been removed from your chest the game is over and the treasure chest can be recovered by either rolling a treasure coin to get your extra treasure or flipping a star coin. The Cleopatra POKIE is a pokie that you can play for cash based on their payout formula. This isn't an overly complicated mechanic and the gameplay is fast and easy. I found that Neptune's Gold really does look quite beautiful on a slot machine.

The artwork for Neptune's Gold is by the great Peter Rizzo. Here are some images of the artwork to give you a better idea of how it looks like on a slot machine. The artwork on the front of Neptune's Gold and the back of the game is by Peter Rizzo. The artwork of the star coin and anchor is by Peter Rizzo and can be seen at his website. In the meantime here is a more recent example of the artwork on the back.


You can use Neptune's Gold as a spin machine, collecting all the spins on your own, so that you can keep collecting Neptune's Gold for as long as you want. With this in mind, I'm not entirely surprised that Neptune's Gold is popular with the arcade crowd, especially since it seems to be designed to be a cheap game on a budget. In fact, I do think that the game could make an interesting spin on many classic arcade action titles of the 60's and 70's, like Splatterhouse (1981) and Double Dragon (1982). You can play Neptune's Gold for $19 on the eShop today. I think that it is a fantastic piece of modern arcade gaming goodness!

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Committed to providing quality games, top offers

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