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Dolphin Treasure features all the action-packed slot games of Aristocrat, and it also has a special hidden treasure that is only for one player. It's a different game than Aristocrat's unique games which were only available in the mobile device's internet browser. Unlike Aristocratslot games that can be played all over the world due to the slot-like layout and unique game play mechanics made in the online casino game, Dolphin Treasure's features are limited only to one island. Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Slot Machine is in a different game world when it comes to customization options. It's also different from the Aristocrat games by being the first and only slot game available in the Nintendo DSi eShop for both Windows and Mac computers: the game features the "new" slot design for each slot and features only one slot per player in order to minimize its online server load.

Dolphin Treasure slots can be purchased for free

There are different types of special treasures and the player can choose to search for them in the ocean, dive with dolphins and save them from drowning at the bottom of the ocean. The player can earn up to 300,000 points for each successful search for treasures, though no one ever wins anything! Dolphin Quest Slot Game has two variants, in its bonus game as well as in its main menu. Also the bonus for each treasure found can be a lot more impressive compared to Aristocrat's bonus-focused games.

Like Aristocrat's games, players are rewarded for their special finds in all of the games. There are no random prize items, however. Double Dolphin Slot Machine is a free game which may help boost your gambling earnings online.

Dolphin Treasure brings back the vibe a bit we players know and love and this slots game hosts some special features known as the Bonus Loyalty Bonuses.

In fact, not one hidden treasure is available in Dolphin Treasure! Each playerspecial treasure is unique: a starfishes, starfish, seahorse or sea bird will show up in the special treasure icon and player can collect, capture and save them using the Nintendo DS™ DSi eShop software. Special treasures are not hidden forever: once they are lost, they are returned to their owners in any one of the games. Wild Dolphin requires you to win 6 points, while in Wild Dolphin you cannot only win once per battle. The maximum amount of time that each player can hold the special treasure is 4 days.

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As an added benefit of all of the special treasures that are displayed in the bonus list in Dolphin Treasure are the special treasure icon names. If a player finds a special treasure using one of the special treasures, the name will display in the bonus list in the next slot of the game. Wild Dolphin has the mechanics for as little as 0.04 (but if you're a high roller then you might make a few spins more easily. Dolphin Treasure also gives an opportunity for players to save special treasures that they find at sea by completing the special quests in the game by completing all the necessary quests to be able to save that special treasure from the bottom of the ocean. The special treasures themselves are randomized, though the player can make sure that all of them are saved and can be found again later.

Dolphin Treasure Slot Machine Bonus

Dolphin Treasure Slot Machine Bonus

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The game also features a player's total score as a value for reward from a special treasure, and rewards an additional 50,000 points to the player who finds the deepest treasure. The player also gets one special treasure per day that is randomly generated, and the player also gets one daily bonus. Dolphin's Pearl offers a few games that are only available in the app. You and your friends can play the bonus game for points to be awarded in the bonus list in Dolphin Treasure, which also includes the special treasures found.

With that, Dolphin Treasure does offer a different gameplay experience to players who prefer to explore for special treasures but not have to spend valuable time to find them. Dolphin Treasure has an award "Top of the World" which makes it the rarest and the most popular Wii slot in the App Store. The game even won a "Top Game" award from the American Video Game Awards 2013. Dolphin Treasure is a very popular game in Japan, particularly among young gamers. The game also won a "Best New Nintendo Entertainment System" award from Game Informer.

Dolphin Treasure’s theme also emphasizes the use of different dolphin behaviors and behavior in different situations such as swimming, feeding, etc. A dolphin's basic behavior is their swimming and feeding, which is different between different species.

All of these awards and more are a reason why Dolphin Treasure has become one of the most sought-after games on the App Store.

Final thoughts:

  • It takes only few minutes of patience. The following video may help you win a great prize for learning how to play Dolphin Treasure slot machine online.

    It is a nice video that will show you the way how to play the Dolphin Treasure slot machine game at the most beautiful spot.

  • Dolphin Treasure can also be played with or without the game, which enables the player to experience many different game features (including game management and more). So don't miss out on this beautiful theme and the new title Dolphin Treasure, give it a try today!

  • With Dolphin Treasure’s amazing depth, you can now explore deeper into the ocean to find better treasure, explore even deeper with the new underwater world map feature. And don’t forget the Dolphin Treasure Card, which increases the rewards for every treasure found!

  • You may only receive three units of the Dolphin Treasure in two months. Don't miss your chance to playwith dolphin treasure in the online casino with other users!

  • And it has also created a free Dolphin Treasure game that will be available to your friends or even some fans who are interested in this dolphin diving game that takes place at an arcade. Of course, a great reward for this dolphin diving game would be the rare ability to catch "dolphin fish" (a type of ocean life). Dolphin Fish are made up of dolphins and are also capable of swimming faster as a dolphin and can also have strong attacks that seem to be a kind of magic like ability, which is also used in this game, although some have also reported that the game allows them to be attacked using the Dolphin Fish's natural abilities.

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