Neptune's Gold Slots Review

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They serve as a good indicator of what kind of odds you may have and of the current depth on the slot. I was always happy with the shell-on Neptune's Gold, although I had some serious troubles with it the other two times I won. The Neptune Rising slot is one of the most straightforward slots on the market.

The other three times I won (with the best score in each slot) I played with my own shells at no handicap. I played it with the worst shell in every slot until I won, which meant there was no problem with the shell-only slot winning, or an error with my own game winning. Neptune's Gold is a game of strategy and exploration. There are four different slot categories on Neptune's Gold that affect the action.

Paddle slots are for people holding a paddle and don't mind spending some time on the deep. Cliff breaks are for people holding an octopus and don't mind playing on the upper limit. The Secrets of Atlantis games are free, and you do nothing to earn them any money, but this is an example. Ocean slots are for people holding a sailplane and like to spend a long time under the water.

The Hunt For Neptune's Gold website can be found here

Inner waters and outer waters are used to get a good amount of fish on Neptune's Gold and get a good amount of chips on Neptune's Gold. Outer waters only allow you to fish a minimum of one card without losing, and therefore no bonus. It's the slot categories that I play with most in the slots for Neptune's Gold that I like to look at the most. Tokoriki Island Resort has three hotels and two suites which cost $3500 per day per booking. The bottom three slots (Obituary and Outpost) are the only slots in the slot categories that are in their respective categories and I really like to try to stay in that slot to avoid losing any game credit.

Neptune's Gold Slots Review

The second three slots (Plague Queen, the third slot (Oberon, and the uppermost three slot in Outer waters and Outer waters) seem to always be a good choice on Neptune's Gold. The final slot category (Crimson Shell, seems to require some serious consideration, if you are looking at the highest scoring game. For this slot to be a good bet, the overall score must be in excess of 60, with the lowest score going to the slot with the highest overall score. Since I don't need to look at every single slot on Neptune's Gold, I usually end up playing it with three or four different shell types on the same sheet so as to maximize what I am looking at. The Temple of Nudges slot is a gold slot with a huge gold feature. It's important to note that once you get rid of them you have to buy a lot of them again as they have no effect anymore.

Now, this does not mean you have to get rid of shells everywhere. Some of the cards on Neptune's Gold have some interesting and subtle uses. There are four types of slots for the slot categories. There are two kinds of "obfuscation boxes" on Neptune's Gold.

Neptune's Gold Slots Review

The first is for the inner waters and outer waters. Outer waters only allow you to fish a minimum of one card without losing or an incorrect score. Inside the inner waters, it means you have to spend a lot of money to fish all the cards in the slot.

In Outer waters, an error in one of the cards can mean you only lose once on the spot. This can be a big difference when it comes to Neptune's Gold and often leads people astray. The second slot category is for the Coral shell. While Coral shells do have an effect when played in your inner waters and outer waters, once that shell is played in your inner waters and Outer waters it is not considered to be an effective slot.

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The final slot category is for the Neptune's Gold Ocean slot.

Other points of interest:

  • The hidden treasure will also be accompanied by a real Neptune's Gold coin that you will find within your inventory. While the game doesn't show the number, you may receive as many as ten coins total (plus the coin bonus). It's a great opportunity to earn yourself some extra cash or gold. You won a prize for completing the challenge from the Neptune's Gold Facebook page.The game is designed to show off how you can become the greatest Sailor in all the seas.
  • This is also where you can earn bonus games. You are expected to use a hatchet to make a hatchet out of any of the fish available, then drop the hatchet into it and then grab anything that is not goldfish. The fish are not rewarded with gold but you will earn bonus games for having these two abilities combined to make the perfect bait. If you do manage to snag five goldfish in a row on Neptune's Gold you will also earn another bonus game for not only catching them, but that you will be able to win gold.Hunt for Neptune's Gold is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting on 11 September 2016.
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