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Hot Fruits 40 Slot Machine

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First, it appears at first glance that the Hot Fruits 40 online slot is entirely different than the other 40slots we have reviewed. The 40 slot has an open front that lets the user put a card in and it has a standard slot back plate with its slot backs facing the back. Diamond Monkey Slot is not so Chinese. After the front plate the 40 slot is flat with a circular black plastic back plate. This back plate is mounted at a 30 degree angle and the bottom is also raised to reveal the slot's top.

As it stands, the Hot Fruits 40's face is flat and the back plate is horizontal and has a slight angle. This makes the face pretty angular while still conveying the concept that the card slot has been removed, replaced and repacked. Princess of Paradise is an original, unique, and very successful slot machine. Unlike the other slot-replaced 40 slots we have tested thus far, the back plate of today's Hot Fruits 40 appears relatively straight and flat - almost like a piece of glass. The rounded back plate and rounded back plate design makes the old flat design look dated.

Hot Fruits 40's design is one worth revisiting

Next, a nice little feature of the Hot Fruits 40 online slot is its wide payline. On the other side of the backplate are a number of slots with a small amount of space between each one, which helps it be very clear to your opponent. When the payline is wide, a user could put the same number of cards in the 40 slot at the same time and the opponent can quickly see each of his cards in the 40 and compare the total costs. The Red Hot Fruits game play is a real success. The Hot Fruits 40 website does a very good job in explaining the Hot Fruits 40's 40 payline.

Hot Fruits 40 has had a few minor bug fixes and improvements so far, but we want to let you know when more of these improvements are included inHot Fruits 40 Review.

This is something we often wish there was a little more explanation in the internet when we review a card. While the payline is fairly clear to an opponent, as a beginner we sometimes struggle to get a feel for the payline. The most common example of this is for Amatic, who often ends up having quite a few cards in his 40 slot at once. Book of Aztec is one of the best casino games that can be played online. I think this would've been a good time to use a different illustration of Amatic.

There are also a number of small spaces that we saw while testing the Hot Fruits 40 online slot, which would be great to have incorporated but we can only assume that it was left out of the web demo. Finally, there are some more attractive features on the Hot Fruits 40 online slot. We found the top of an 8-inch tall slot to be great for playing the new 40 and 6- and 3-point cards. The Slot Machine Fruits starts out with a spinning coin that has to be spun in sequence. I am not sure why or how.

Another neat feature we noticed is the hot cards display from the bottom of the online slot. As we showed in our 4-point card example, the user can click to view a picture of either his Hot Fruits 40 card, or if desired, a picture of a similar sized card on his Amatic stack.


  • As you will also see on the Hot Fruits 40 online slot review, it looks very well executed with every color palette used to recreate one of the most iconic videoslots in video gaming history. Just make sure you play the best you can and you'll see the results in your video. Check the online Hot Fruits 40 online slot review for links to all of the products for free!
  • Hot Fruits 40 offers a wide variety of video and photo images which are uploaded on a regular basis with minimum of text. It's not hard to find video content that fits your schedule and fits every budget. The list of daily video slots in Hot Fruits 40 is quite interesting as well and it's not going to be something which should be missed!
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