Fruit Zen Slots Review

Fruit Zen Slots Review

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The slot machine works like it usually does, the money is transferred instantly and in few minutes. The Fruit Zen casino slot is open and the slot machine works like it does. The Goddess of 8 Directions also has an item limit for each game, since these game codes are redeemable.

Fruit Zen is a decent slot in a pretty common style

You have one chance to play the game by tapping the check icon. You can pick up a few chips to take home to win bonus for your winnings. The Luck O' the Irish Slot Machine for example has five pay lines but there are also six reel slots on offer to players. You can also use a real card to bet in the slot.

The Fruit Zen Race mode is also a race mode

The cards are available in four colors, silver, gold, black and white. Tapping the check icons brings up the casino information and shows you the chips. Betsoft offers over 40 different machines that will make poker a fun & innovative tool. On top of all the casino games there's also a card game called Fruit Ninja, which allows you to bet a free fruit in Fruit Zen slot. Here's how to play the Fruit Zen gambling casino.

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You win your free fruit in the slot game with the card game Fruit Ninja when you tap the check slot icon. The only bonus is that there is a hidden bonus reward of 150 Fruit Zen bonus chips that you can win using real cards in Fruit Zen slot. The slot machine works like it does. You only need 3 taps to bet.

Fruit Zen also has a lot of other fun features like a prize exchange system where players gain the right to trade and sell fruits for other players.

The chips are free. You simply tap the check icon. You earn up to 5 Fruit Zen chips each turn for your winnings. The player with the highest amount of chips wins.

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You can play Fruit Zen with up to ten opponents. You can play this slot game once, or try the new Fruit Zen. In fact, Fruit Zen slots for Android, Mobile and desktop are already available.


Fruit Zen's gameplay combines a light touch with an intricate twist that puts you firmly at one with nature, and has all the flavor of a good, clean vacation. You will have the pleasure of playing the popular Fruit Zen spin-off Fruit Zen 3D in which you compete against up to three other players in a fun game where you score points based on the amount or size of fruit in your cup, your time, and your performance. Play as a young buddha and take control of the role of Zen, or as a mighty warrior, a shaman or an immortal that you can defeat through a skill based, dynamic battle mode where you must use every last bit of your might against your opponents.
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