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The cards are the main play components. Players get 2 of each card, and place a bet on the winning number for the player who drew it first. The player who bets the largest amount wins. Chinese Kitchen Mode is a combination of the classic Chinese game mode and the second game mode of the Chinese Kitchen app. The deck is also made out of cardstock, and plays with a blackjack deck.

The deck is designed to fit snugly into a standard gaming case or a sleeve card holder. Pirate 21 Blackjack and Poker are part of the same series. Pirate 21 Blackjack is an advanced casino table game and it can be played with different first-hand functional hands. I don't own Poker 21 or Pirate 21 on purpose, so you can find a review here.

Pirate 21 is available on Betting with Pirates websites

In-game play is straightforward. The cards are placed face down face up in the deck. Pirate Kings Facebooks Code is for "Pirate kings and roguelikes" only, without any DLC as well! You take the lowest card, and the highest card in your turn is discarded.

That player then goes first to place their bet. The difference between the two decks is fairly minimal, as the game has been designed specifically to be played over a 20 minute game time. The World of Oz Slot by Rival Gaming was only made available for a limited time during the 2015 season. The Pirates use different poker hands to set the board. They begin with 11 or 13, and work their way up to the 16th card (for instance to the 16th card in the deck, as shown in the image below.

The 16th card is a "captain" hand (see image below). A captain hand is different from a king or queen. A captain hand can only win by betting the 17th card in the deck.

You also receive one more card from each card pile if you bet that card face up. This is different than the normal "capture" cards, in which you get 2 (a king, a queen, or ace). Rough Bet: you bet that much, but get your card back, but not your bet amount.

Pirate 21 Blackjack is available for Xbox One S, PC, and Linux, and it is scheduled to release to Xbox One X & Steam on July 23rd by the end of the day (July 29th).

All of these methods have varying odds of winning. In total, I won 8 poker chips. These are a few of the methods available. While I've only played a few games of each method, I'd estimate at least 60. The odds may seem low when you play, but it's important to understand that a higher than normal win rate makes for good odds for other players (and for you, since you have to deal with high odds of losing).

After you beat everyone, you'd also be a winner in the high stakes poker game, as illustrated in the image below. The Poker 21 (the "standard" deck) is also a card game, and has an option of doubling the bet (see below).

Pirate 21 cards come in a standard three and a half inch sleeve. I'm not sure why the sleeves are different. The Pirate 21 game may also be shipped "wraps". The Pirate 21 game also includes a box and a cardholder.

Pirate 21's ability to hold an actual play of your blackjack and money games is a great way to play online or play real life at a poker tournament that you do not live with.

The Pirate 21 game has an option of doubling the bet (see below). There are five different types of poker chips, representing the 12 (12-1-12-2-3-4-3-11) hands. The cards for Pirate 21 are all double-faced.

The cards are illustrated with the "King" for King, in black-and-red. Here's a few game examples. The Pirates have about 6 different ways to play the game.


Pirate 21 is a unique blackjack game that includes multiple bets and one-hand odds that allow players to win hundreds of dollars by matching cards with a single play and then using one jackpot token on all of the bets. Pirate 21 is a unique free online blackjack game created by Betsoft Games in 2013 and has since then also become a major player within the gambling market in the United States. For a complete look at Pirate 21 as well as the related betting, click here. Click here for details on free online gambling sites hosted by Betsoft Games.

We Are Committed to Quality Gaming!
We Are Committed to Quality Gaming!

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