Fruit-o-matic Slot Machine

Fruit-o-matic Slot Machine

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You may not enjoy the visual or audio of Fruit O Matic, but it is very addictive as well as challenging as you learn to master the mechanics. We want to share our fruit-filled experience with everyone! You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. The Classic Fruit prize system allows some players like to invest more time (100x points) into the game. In addition to our video, you can read more about our game on the game page or you can find a short description of Fruit O Matic on our website.

The Fruit-O-Matic slot from FUGA Gaming is based on the popular games of the past. Fruit O Matic is one of the biggest slot games that still remains to this day. The Fruit Mania Game video slot. The Fruit O Matic is a very addictive slot game that you can play with your friends over the internet and offline. The Fruit-O-Matic has a unique and colorful design, which is something you won't find anywhere else.

You can really enjoy the fruit elements and the animations. When you reach a player goal in Fruit O Matic, you unlock a "special mode" menu. Fruit Mania Deluxe is just what the title suggests, a fruit themed follow up. You have to pay a special "coin".

Every 10 coins you find can be used to customize two different game settings, so that you can play in your style as well. The Coin menu allows you to change the game speed, player number, speed of light and much more! The "coin" is collected by playing the game. The classic fruits of slot machines remind of the traditional icons used in representative of land-based slots. At the start of the game you earn a certain number of coins by completing tasks on top of the normal game.

This adds up over time and leads to you getting more coins and more slots at the end of the game by completing special task. As you play the fruit slots, you'll be rewarded with bonuses, prizes, new tasks and special coin prizes like fruits, fruit coins and more.


In the casino of your dreams in the UK, fruit tokens, dice and even a pin are a lot easier to come by. We've been collecting fruit tokens for years with our family, but as the fruit industry matures and grows, so does the demand! There are dozens of different kinds of cards available in the casino you can choose from, some with just a token representing a real currency and some just a barcode on it. That's right, you can trade real-money, coins, fruit, or other tokens at any moment with the Fruit-O-Matic - just remember the maximum order limits. Fruit O Matic is a free online casino game - please note that it will only pay real money, but there is a fair chance it'll also do coins, gold and real-money when there are too many slots open.
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