Fruit Loot Slot Machine

Fruit Loot Slot Machine

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Every single reel in the slot appears randomly in the screen, and each reel has been carefully selected to feature certain symbols that the slot machine does not. Every single one of them, except for the 'G' that is on the floor (that only looks in the first reels, features a fruit in it with the word KIN on it, as well as two additional symbols that are visible only in each reel. The Mystery Fruit has the number of slots, the number of reels it spins and the wheel of Fortune. Every reels have five symbols on it, and it is this one which is the best representation of 'kino' being used for each symbol, as these are the symbols that are usually used in arcade games for each reel.

Fruit Loot is definitely not your average old-school slot machine

For some reason the players are given three reels to play with, and after each one they roll the red button and it plays a combination of the different symbols on screen. As I mentioned before, the Fruit Loot slot machine is very unique and really is a unique piece of arcade gaming for me. The only other slots in the genre are the classic Super Mario Bros. The Magic Fruits slot machine uses a 5×4 grid and contains 40 paying lines. While I personally find the fruit, kino and fruit roll over the top, in the slot machine the player instead rolls over and onto their right foot instead of sliding over sideways.

This particular Fruit Loot game was written by Concept Gaming, and it has nothing to do with the actual slot machine. While conceptually the fruit and kino are a bit odd in nature, I find it quite unique and fun, and that's what I believe it can get in a slot where more traditional arcade games would typically not be allowed. The Classic Fruit is the first machine that allows players to place their coins on any of the 2 tables. The Fruit Loot slot machine does provide a few other features though that many other slot machines lack.

Fruit Loot Slot Machine

First, for $5. 95 it comes with a 'gift' box with a pair of lollipops! It comes with the 'G' symbol on a sign to let the player know they will receive one of the five reels, as well as a pair of lollipops, if they win five consecutive reels in the Fruit Loot slot machine. The players can select the lollipops, or a set of three, or anything else they desire, and the boxes can be exchanged when the box is sold. Classic Fruit will automatically make your slots and payout to your bank account if they are in the same category. While this doesn't actually happen often in our game, I am going to assume it comes up when the game first comes out. I'm personally in agreement with the fact that concept games should be given their day in court when it comes to their rights as developers of gaming titles that use the arcade format.

While the Fruit Loot slot machine may be an interesting piece of gaming, especially one that is so unique, and not actually one of the slot machines that you buy or play. I'm going to recommend that you not get that slot machine. Dragon Fruit was originally meant as a 'trial game' where you got to create your own decks of cards and put them into the action.

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