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The White Rabbit Megaways set features 5 themed episodes, two bonus episodes and three short stories. The White Rabbit Megaways slot can be played at Royal Slots, simply by logging in and heading over to the ‘Big Time Gaming’ category within the lobby. White Rabbit Megaways™ The White Rabbit Megaways game offers a lot of different gameplay. At Royal Slots, the RTP of the White Rabbit Megaways slot is 97. Enter into a wonderous and almost slightly scary new world with the White Rabbit Megaways slot by Big Time Gaming (BTG).

White Rabbit Megaways™ is a video slot set in the fantastic (and slightly scary) world of Alice in Wonderland. To receive special reward, click on the image on the left. Your White Rabbit Megaways rewards begin with a free copy of The White Rabbit Megaway: Alice in Wonderland Edition, a one-time bonus in Alice in Wonderland: The White Rabbit. White Rabbit has been on the market for over 40 years in different states and is now a national attraction as well. To view the full White Rabbit Megaway collection, visit our store.

For more details on this set, refer to the release information for The White Rabbit Megaway: Alice in Wonderland Edition. We are also happy to announce that we will be running our weekly podcast on the official White Rabbit Megaways website. We will be doing a special episode on Friday of every 3 weeks. The Slots O Gold Megaways takes longer to play than the Slots O Gold game to the point where some might call it slower. The podcast will be hosted by Ben and Chad, and will contain episode notes, discussions, and much more. This is a fantastic way of hearing from friends and enemies alike about this amazing game.

To find out more, click here. New to the site? White Rabbit has a number of features. Please contact the site team with any questions or comments about the new White Rabbit Megaways set, or about anything on the site itself. The White Rabbit Megaways collection is a group of bonus episodes created to celebrate an unusual and very popular fantasy series.

White Rabbit (new Slot) - Big Bonus Buy with Retriggers

White Rabbit (new Slot) - Big Bonus Buy with Retriggers

Video selected by: SF Studio

Created by one of my favorite writers, Andrew Hussie, the White Rabbit Megaways series has been nominated for numerous awards and awards for its artistic and story-telling prowess. The White Rabbit Megaways sets include 5 episodes on Alice: Wonderland as seen in the series and short movies, with more on the way. The Temple Tumble slot part has four pieces, made of plastic. While the episodes are all available for free play through the White Rabbit Megeries website, the bonus episodes can also be purchased if desired. There is currently an in-store version of the White Rabbit Megaways sets available, available in the 'White Rabbit Megawares' category along with the other sets.

The in-store only set allows the player to see all the featured episodes. Each of the White Rabbit Megawares sets contains all 5 episodes from the Alice: Wonderland series, plus the Bonus Episodes of the White Rabbit Series and Bonus Episodes of the White Rabbit of Evil. White Rabbit has many of these unique abilities to offer.

White Rabbit Megaways™ is only available during the weekend!

Each individual White Rabbit Megawares set has a different story, artwork, locations and settings to the complete series. The sets are created to celebrate the series and its cast of villains. Alice and the Red Queen is played with one-and-a-half-rounds, but no additional cards are allowed with a single hand. The series starts in a very strange fairy tale world in a world full of strange creatures, magical objects and creatures of the night.

The story follows four orphaned boys who travel back to their own world and rescue the last living girl they encountered. This episode features Alice in Wonderland: The White Rabbit. To find out more and visit the White Rabbit Megawares website, visit our store and watch the bonus episodes of all 4 episodes. Leo Vegas Megaways is a brand new, and the first, and to most peoplesurprise, most successful, slot machine in the Megaways category for my money. The White Rabbit series is produced by the award-winning creators of the Alice and Harry Potter worlds, Andrew Hussie, Alex Toth, and John Bell in collaboration with the illustrator, Alex Toth.

Each season features four tales told in the spirit of classic fairy tales.

Additional thoughts:

  • What are White Rabbit Megaways™ and how do I get in? Play White Rabbit Megaways from Big Time Gaming in our gaming lounges, and the only way to claim the White Rabbit Megaworld bonus is by placing a bet in our casino. Once inside the betting arena, you are guaranteed to get your White Rabbit Megaworld bonus within five minutes if it isn't already up. Once you've done that, simply click in the casino box on any of the nine betting areas, and follow the simple rules that explain the way White Rabbit Megaworld works.

    It can be an extremely rewarding and rewarding day, so head up now and get in on the action - our bonus games are waiting for you.

  • The White Rabbit Megaways™ slot is available in two colours: Black, where you play with your mates and white rabbit, where you play with your partner. The White Rabbit Megaways™ range comes with two new variants, two different bonus slots and 10 extra White Rabbit Megaways™ cards (from 8-10p for the White Rabbit, 10p for the Blue or Black Meg) when playing with one single partner, you can also play the slot and have up to 10 partners.

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Discover real winning possibilities!

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