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Each Irish Riches Megaways slot machine is loaded with fun puzzles that are suitable for both beginners and experienced players, and allows each player a chance to win up to six Jackpot King slots. The Irish Riches Megaways has an intuitive design which makes it easy to learn and easy to use, but it is best on its own to be played by yourself. Genie Megaways Slot is an online casino based slot, which really comes into its own when you think about how entertaining and insane it is! To play Irish Riches Megaways, first the player must select the slot machine.

Each Irish Riches Megaways slot has a number of different configurations to choose from. Each slot configuration has multiple different pieces of puzzle to be placed, which give the player different chances of winning a jackpot. Jackpot Strike Casino lives up to its “vets”.

The Irish Riches Megaways bonus system is not as unique as it appears to be, but with its simplicity, it might be seen by some folks as a sign of its complexity.

For example one option of slot configuration would allow the player to only win 4 Jackpot Kings. Other combinations will award the player with higher jackpots - for example 3 Jackpot Kings, 4 Jackpot Kings and 5 Jackpot Kings. Slots o Gold Megaways is a digital, online jackpot from Blueprint, providing free entry to any eligible slot on the Live Table.

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All of the Irish Riches Megaways Jackpot King puzzle pieces can be found in both the Irish Riches Megaways Jackpot King slot and the Irish Riches Megaways Dicegames. Players can purchase up to 1,000,000 Irish Riches Megaways Jackpot King slots and Irish Riches Megaways Dice games at Irish RICHERGS. You can then compete in the Irish Megaways Jackpot King game. The Irish Megaways Dice games take place with four different game modes where players can win a number of jackpot types throughout the game, including jackpot winners. Irish Frenzy is, as we mentioned, a pretty self-explanatory slot. You can choose to play Irish Megaways Dice games with or against other players via the matchmaking system.

The Irish Megaways King game is available to play on Ipad and Iphone platforms. Irish Riches Megaways was brought to life by Irish RICHERGS, a Dublin based startup with an entrepreneurial flair, which has been bringing some of the most popular titles of the past 10 years to mobile devices. Irish RICHERGS' products are developed using the latest and greatest development practices at Irish RICHERGS such as: 3D graphics, game design, game analytics, game design workflow systems, and much more.

The design, development and manufacturing for Irish RICHERGS products is led by our team of Irish-based engineers and project managers, with top level Irish-born design leadership including our founder, John Boulton. Irish Riches Megaways is supported by Irish RICHERGS' advertising, publicity, and social media platforms. To play Irish Riches Megaways you will need your devices, available in either a wired or wireless format. The slot machines will be available online and on mobile as well as on PC and Mac.

To place a token on a slot machine you will need to first activate it by touching the 'Activate' button. In future you can either play Irish RICHERGS Jackpot Kings or Irish Riches Megaways Dice games free of charge on the online service. To learn more about Irish RICHERGS visit them here, and to purchase Irish Riches Megaways follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.


  • When I started playing the Irish Riches Megaways I knew it was going to be a fun little game, and it still is. I am sure it will get even more fun once it gets more experienced as more players join. Check out some more videos and reviews of Irish Riches Megaways on YouTube. The game itself can be downloaded now.I have been able to download the full game version from the app store for the iPhone and the iPad from now until December 17th 2016.
  • On iPad a player only needs to hold down the onscreen button to trigger the first slot. This minimises button pressure, especially when the odds become too long and the deck gets to fill up quickly. The Irish Riches Megaways is set to come exclusively on the iOS App Store with full game updates. In the long-term the odds will keep increasing on the Irish Riches Megaways with each new event on the line.The more players compete at a given place the better the odds will become for each person that lands the 5 Jackpot symbols.
  • For players to enter the slot with one character (the Jackpot King) you will need to have 4 different characters at hand. For the Jackpot King you will want to use a combination of the Jackpot King and the Royal Crown from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as one or more additional characters from the classic Final Fantasy series as well as at least one additional hero like Odin, Odin of the Red Lions, and Odin of the Golden Knights. If you're trying to win the jackpot on a console (Xbox Game, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC) you can still enter with one hero, but you will need to have an extra three characters for a Jackpot King trophy.For more information, please visit the Irish Riches Megaways slot website. Please note, we provide a small number of slots throughout the whole week so check back frequently for updates and other promotions like the 'Irish Roast' and 'Irish Roast' giveaways will continue throughout the week!
  • There is a huge range of prizes available in Irish Riches MegaWays. For example, if you place an entry in Irish Riches MegaWays you get an exclusive award that can only be picked up at a MegaWays prize table which is located at the Irish Riches MegaWays table. If you spend your money at the MegaWays table it'll be yours for the taking and you are guaranteed 50% of any prize which can be purchased. And that concludes our feature on the Irish Riches MegaWays slot: if all you want to do is win the Irish Riches MegaWays prize, go right ahead!
  • My only limitation was the number of coins of every round, which can be hard to understand. At the time of writing, the game is almost done for the day, and in case you were wondering, allwere able to find was a few coins. It was a pleasure to meet the team, and our enthusiasm is well known. The team is looking forward to working with them on the next wave of remakes of Irish Riches MegaWays. We're currently on track to release the new Irish MegaWays game in the next few weeks or so.
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