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In the Pig Wizard Slot is your primary way to unlock exclusive bonus features while in your initial queue. All of these games are free, but some are additional game packs. Wicked Jackpots lets you play your favourite games with friends and family; while you can also play the latest free-to-play games on the app.

The Pig Wizard is currently available on the iOS App Store

These extra games are available while you are in the Pig Wizard Slot and cost 5p instead of 30p to purchase. They allow you to purchase additional bonus features within your regular payout. Irish Riches Megaways offers a lot of slot options and there’s no shortage of slot machines. In the Pig Wizard slot you are presented with five great free games.

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All of these games can be found in a separate queue, and you can purchase as many of the same three (Cats, Pigs, Snakes) as you wish. All of the games you purchase add up to a total of 20 points. The Harry Trotter Slot games run from 1pm to 6pm. This works out to 1 point per 10,000 games. You can either get paid $10 a game or receive $12.

The Pig Wizard is a real thing, right?

This also applies to the Pig Wizards (or Pigs): any number of Pigs can be placed in a Pig in the Pig Wizard slot to ensure there is enough room from game to game. With a total of 20 points you are essentially getting rid of these cards that are either too difficult or too easy for other players. There are also a minimum level of the game required to select a Pig Wizard slot, 1st place or higher, that has to be chosen on your Pay-table. You have five chances for the winner of every Wild card in a game.

The Pig Wizard will then place your dice on his or her table and choose one of the animal characters from the slots and toss the dice onto the platform to select from the cards.

Cats are popular with players, and so are Snakes. These are also good games. These are also free. To be eligible a Pig must be placed in a Pig Wizard slot. After a Cat or Snake is placed in the Pig Wizard Slot this is essentially an instant "freebie" card.

The Pig Wizard slot is designed for the casual-playing audience

It is no longer required to place a regular card for that Pig. You can use any other card in your queue and can also buy a new one if you like. As you can see in the images above, any of the five games (or three of the five!) you have selected in your Pig Wizard slot are available immediately. The Pig Wizard slot is also a good place to buy new packs of cards in the background.

In the Pig Wizard Slot are 3 bonus games (or 10 cards in total, which you only need to select once per transaction. You may only enter one game from your Pig Wizard slot in your Pay-table.

Final thoughts:

  • The new Rewards feature will not be implemented until the end of the campaign, so expect more news about that later. To get the most out of the Pigs, you will need to be a Pig Wizard that can run on your own, though it may offer the bonus features of Pig Wizard. There is a huge opportunity for you to play a pig, you will start with a Pig Wizard that provides experience in battle.

    If you do not use that power, there is no way to play one of the 3 rewards that gives experience. The rewards of Pig Wizard will always be available at 1 PPC or higher in the shop, just like other reward slots.

  • Also, check out this video from the original BBC show, with the Pig Wizard appearing as a pig in the form of his main hen. This is also the official video, where The Pig Wizard describes his new pet and his current animal. Check out the official video HERE and we'll go back to it in the future before it's too late. Note how Harry Potter is a dog.

    He is often said to be very loyal to others and even when he has to make tough decisions on the part of the others, he makes the best decision of his life for his country.

World-class games & lots of them for you to enjoy
World-class games & lots of them for you to enjoy

Chief draw to most non-progressive slots games is the possibility of scoring some free spins – plus why not? Nothing beats bonus spins when the winnings are pure profit!

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