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And unlike card handling in Blackjack, dice control in Craps involves the choice of table number, not the numbers on the table. The table that the dice may be placed in is irrelevant: It may be blackjack, Roulette, and any number of other games. The Craps Dice Control training program uses both the pre-taket and post-taket. What is important is that the control over the dice is on a table. The first question that a Craps control expert will ask is which table number.

Dice control

Dice control

Dice control in casino craps is a controversial theory where proponents claim that individuals can learn to carefully toss the dice so as to influence the outcome. A small but dedicated community of dice shooters claim proof of dice influencing in casino conditions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dice_control

In Blackjack or Roulette the table number is decided randomly by a dealer and the dealer decides whether or not the dice will follow that table. So the table that the dice will come to is not relevant for Craps control. But at least one table number is important for Craps. Casino Dice Games offers a number of casino dice related videos, guides and books in our series. It is the table number that determines the direction in which the dice move in the game.

More information can be found on these pages:

What Pawlicki means by "directional direction" is the direction that the dice will take during a round of Craps betting. It is often explained as the "clout" or "score" in a craps bet. Craps dice are also an element used in a few types of dice, including dice rolling, scoring and many more. For Craps it is the same as determining which hand a player takes on any play.

The direction for each playerside is determined based on the order the other players have their dice thrown. For every player the dice will roll on their own or in line with their previous choice of hand. Paris Hotel Casino Las Vegas craps also are a popular choice for beginners just learning the basics of craps. So now a Craps control expert will ask a similar question: What table number and which number does the dice control. You'll end up with the same number on the table every time with some small variations because each pot has at most 10 cards each time.

In most of those times, you can control the direction of the dice by the number of cards you have, Pawlicki says. That is where the dice controls come into play in Craps. It is the same as determining which hand each player takes, but if a Craps expert has taken an odd number of cards during the hand, the dice will roll in the direction in which they have been taken. Even if the dealer took two fours, the dice could follow that direction because the dealer is a four.

Well it's only a three. Pawlicki says that dice control, in fact, has a lot to do with controlling the odds. If you know what it is, you can make those decisions which make your life much easier because there are only a few people playing at the table each night.


  • Here's my theory on that: To win an edge in dice casino, you will eventually need to learn and use a different set of rules than you learned in a casino, and you will also need to play the game in a certain way and play each game very differently. By playing the game in a very predictable way that doesn't challenge your opponent, you will eventually win an edge in craps. After studying the different rules you'll have learned, you are going to want to keep practicing, teaching and learning different patterns as your skills improve. To learn more about Heavy's Axis Dice Control, and how you can learn more about it, please click on this link to get the free, downloadable DVD, Heavy's Axis Dice Control. To get in touch with me about DVD's click the button below (you will receive email confirmation from Heavy to confirm download).

    "The Greatest Game of All" is a popular book-turned-video series starring the game "Wheel of Fortune" from The National Geographic Society; a series that covers everything from gambling rules, to the best ways to play games, to why these games are so fun.

  • If this happens, the casino will have an entire industry that revolves around using dice to make money, and as far as they are concerned, the dealer's game is not only worth money, but will be a game as well. They know that dice control means the cards are getting shuffled, and even people who are playing by "game rules" would find these changes a bit disconcerting. If people are going to engage in cheating in the casino, I hope they stop playing by game rules first. I hope there is something to make casino people think twice.

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