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Magic Mirror Deluxe 2

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Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 is the closest thing to a true slot in the online game. Since November 2012, I and Jan and I were the only two players in the world that had full access to Magic Mirror Deluxe. So it’s not surprising that Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 was on the internet for a good while in 2012. Magic Mirror Onlines offer the best invalue and are the best bet for the current slot machine andslots. For example, you can search the cardlist on my website and you can find a huge amount of Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 cards that are either identical to or close to Novomatic's Book of Ra cards.

All of them are in some way close to the same card. What is perhaps surprising is that Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 was being hosted on the online game as recently as 2011 which makes me wonder what exactly Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 was for at that time. Magic Mirror Deluxe can be played without any major game play issues. Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 is most definitely unique.

I can confidently say that Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 can never be duplicated by Novomatic's Book of Ra. It was the closest thing possible to the Novomatic Book of Ra game mechanics and it was also a fairly powerful card game. The Magic Mirror Deluxe slot game has the original gorgeous design. To get an idea of how unique Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 is, imagine buying it on the online game's marketplace and then going to a store (I can’t remember which store) and trying to buy it out of their store.

Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 will be out May 31, 2012

I would be disappointed because I would miss out on any chance at a free Magic Mirror 2 spin. But to go back to Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 for the second day straight, I would be totally stoked if a store would give me 30 free spins. Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 includes more classes than there are books in Harry Potter.

Magic Mirror Deluxe 2

It would probably be one of its few rare exceptions that I’d be happy to spend $60-$100 on as a freebie. One of the main components of Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 is the "magic mirror". Magic Mirror - Magic Mirror has recently been updated (2012) to make it easier for you to play and enjoy your Free Bonus Game. This is an incredibly powerful and innovative feature that I believe is the most important component of any online slot games, and it was the source of Magic Mirror Deluxe 2success.

Imagine going to a store and buying a bunch of Magic Mirror 2 and then going to your local game group and asking a few mechanics questions, and then they all have these massive multiples of them that they can combine into any size or shape you need to. And then one day a little game group decides to combine their Magic Mirror 2 into a giant castle. The Mystic Mirror is a 5 reel, but this slot also includes a bonus section. Which brings up one huge point about this "magic mirror". You’ll notice that you have the full value of any piece of the larger magic mirror and you can put any piece in the magic mirror as a free spin once, but that you cannot combine that piece of the larger magic mirror.

Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 does not, unfortunately, look like one

The only way to combine pieces of the larger magic mirror is to purchase them separately and then they can be combined into the larger magic mirror. This is a feature that no other online game has. It is not a special feature in Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 nor is it a feature that is exclusive to one particular game in my mind. It is simply an intuitive element that everyone should have and yet, as Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 entered the marketplace, it wasn’t a feature that any of Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 players complained about.

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One of the reasons that all of the other online slots did not achieve success in the early years of the online game was because they used the same underlying game mechanics. They all did a fairly good job of simulating the mechanics that made Novomatic's Book of Ra a successful game through an advanced online interface to the point where the basic mechanics would be recognizable to anyone that tried to play Novomatic's Book of Ra.

Final thoughts

With the last Free Play slot in Germany, in addition Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 offers some great options for players who want the best possible gameplay in both classic and modern formats. The Magic Mirror Deluxe 2 free spins offer up an experience that is worth seeing. It is nice to see some good play from Germany. What do you think of the free spins?
Casino experience offering Vegas-style games
Casino experience offering Vegas-style games

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