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The full reason for this is that if online poker is legal in Canada, all the money made on it is tax-free. No, that doens't mean that you'll never have to pay taxes on your poker winnings; you're still obligated to declare all your winnings on income tax returns. Video Poker Strategy Trainer: The video poker trainer is quite easy to use. In fact, you're going to have to do exactly that, as it's tax-deductible if you live in Canada; any poker winnings you made in the past year, including future wins, are yours to keep even if there is a change in Canada's tax laws later in the year. That doesn’t mean the money you earn on poker will stay in Canada. First of all, your poker earnings in Canada are subject to the rules and regulations governing the gambling industry.

Poker Canada currently doesntake online poker expenses into account (they just keep the amount you pay yourself for your games, as well as your hotel, etc. and you do have to account for your own expenses.

Secondly, the government hasn't made it so that PokerStars, for instance, pays you a bonus if you hold a license. If you want to maximize your earnings, a more realistic option would be to hold licenses that provide you with more favourable tax treatment. So if you want to make more money using online gaming in Canada, it really, really helps to use licensed and regulated online poker sites. Grosvenor Poker also has the feature of a monthly Grosvenor Poker promotion, but you are free to use for that year. Do I need a license to play poker here?

The Canadian Gaming Regulations (CCRA) do not specifically cover online poker, but that doesn't mean that you can't play online poker in Canada. The important thing to note is that when you use an online poker game as a "real life" poker session, you're technically still in Canada, just as before you went to a licensed location at a regulated poker venue. Ignition Online Poker is a leading online poker company, with over 130 poker sites in the U.S Europe, China, the U. and Japan. Even if you were to travel to a sanctioned poker venue, or use a licensed poker room online, you can still enjoy your online games here.

Play Poker Online Canada

It just won't mean that you'll get to keep any of your winnings. How do I play a licensed poker game in Canada, and can I play a licensed poker game in Canada? Before you buy a licensed poker room, make sure that you know how to play a licensed poker room, so that you don't end up paying anything out-of-pocket because the casino or room you wanted to use does not have a fully-licensed license. The Ladbrokes Poker Review offers the best of the web, mobile, poker room and poker simulator. The reason you do need a licensed poker room to play a licensed online game is simple: A licensed license allows you to spend your winnings on games of chance, gambling and non-gameplay, which in the case of online poker games makes the game as legal as it can get.

Once you are licensed to play in a licensed gaming venue, you can purchase a non-licensed poker room license to play online poker in Canada. These licensed casinos and poker rooms must be approved by the CCRA, which means that the casino or room should comply with all of the gaming rules and regulations. KK Chinese Poker Online is a program in Chinese called KK-PC Game, that is licensed under the KK-China License.

Canadian Poker Sites - Current Poker Laws in Canada

Canadian Poker Sites - Current Poker Laws in Canada

So Canada does have licensed casinos, as well as lotteries, who do have such permission, otherwise running these establishments would not be legal. But, since PokerStars itself does not consist of a common gaming or betting house located in Canada, the law does not apply, even if its Amaya is headquartered here.

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If you've gotten this far in your research, and your hands are shaking at the thought of being able to play online poker in Canada, you probably would already have bought a licensed poker site. If they're not in your area, get online through one of the several "reputable" and regulated gaming portals and sites. Poker in Australia Guide is a complete guide about poker, rules, tournaments and much more. If you're going to go the non-reputable route, be sure to check with your local gaming authority and see if you're eligible to become licensed.

Final thoughts

Our poker expert Ben White also gives us his thoughts on whether Canada is still the best country for online poker, as well as some tips for people who are interested in playing online poker in the USA. If we haven’t covered everything you want to know about Online Poker in Canada, how about those other poker sites out there? Do not forget to let us know if you have any tips or thoughtsonline poker in Canada!
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