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It's estimated that 30,000 fans attend a Crown Melbourne event every week. The main attraction at Crown Melbourne is the extensive casino, retail, banquet and entertainment venues, including the Crown Victoria and Crown Melbourne Waterfront restaurant. Crown Casino Melbourne Membership in Melbourne has been evacuated. There is a number of popular themed activities happening around the CBD and around the area, including a live music festival at the Melbourne Museum, and a number of art exhibitions being held around the CBD and around the river.

A view of the large restaurant on the main deck of Crown Melbourne. The main attraction of the Crown Melbourne is its main casino. The Crown Melbourne, with its famous casino, has a number of rooms in every casino and includes a pool area, sauna, water park and more. Crown Towers Melbourne is situated approximately one metre below the ocean in the CBD area on the northern end of Victoria's Great North Quarter. As a result of the success of the Crown Melbourne, many other states and territories within Australia are now planning for casinos in the same way.

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The Casino complex opened in its proper planned location at Southbank in 1997.

In 2001, the Crown Royal opened its first casino at Southbank Centre in Melbourne and has since expanded its gambling and entertainment facilities to include both the Crown Melbourne Casino and the Victoria Olympic sports complex. In 2012, the Grand Casino at Victoria Olympic opened and has since expanded. Crown Casino Poker Tournament: The 2018 Main Event is here! In May 2017, the Crown Victoria casino was remodelled to a two-level casino with an additional 20,000 square feet of space for the casino staff and staff of other properties. In 2013, Crown Royal merged with Wynn Holdings to form the state's largest entertainment property.

With this merger, the Wynn group now runs the Crown Royal Casino, the new Melbourne Olympic sports complex and several others across the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. In 2016, Crown Melbourne began operations as a Crown Entertainment Complex with over 40,000 square feet of new, state-of-the-art facilities under development. The Crown Perth Casino in Australia was not a small part of the "clean game" phenomenon but it was the scene where it occurred. Another view from the casino floor of the new Crown Melbourne casino.

Crown Melbourne

A view of the casino room at the grand casino and large entertainment complex. A view onto the casino floor of the grand casino and large entertainment complex. The first of a number of upgrades was made to the main reception area and casino lounge in 2015. Australian Casino Guide is a local independent news station that is independently owned and controlled by the News Group Newspapers Corporation. In 2017, the main reception area was overhauled and added parking, an office space, two luxury lounges and an entertainment room.

There is also a number of additional restaurant and bar areas, which were also recently added. In 2017, the main room of the new Crown Melbourne Casino was renovated to become the restaurant. The Crown Victoria Casino was the first casino in Australia to have two floors, and is now being used as both a restaurant and a entertainment complex.

In 2017, the Royal Melbourne Orchestra opened a new venue and expanded as Royal Melbourne Casino, Royal Melbourne Sports Centre and Royal Melbourne Beach Club, which will become known in the future for having "Fancy Flights"-style games such as slot machines, roulette and blindfold contests and other attractions. Crown Melbourne was the first Australian casino location in the United States and was originally open to all persons at $10 a head (about $60 today).

In 2017, it closed its doors and became a Crown Entertainment Complex, with over 50 locations operating on the southern hemisphere. The most modern and upscale casino in the area, Crown Melbourne features the tallest casino in Australia at 18 storeys, the first ever in Australia. The new Grand Casino at Victoria Olympic is also an expansion to accommodate more dining rooms as well as adding entertainment and other entertainment options to the main rooms. This expansion brought a massive increase in the capacity and amenities at Crown Melbourne compared to its predecessor when it was open. The most sophisticated and expensive and exclusive casino in the area, with room for up to 400 guests, is the King's Casino at Crown Melbourne.


Ticket prices in Crown Melbourne are $60 for adult and $75 for children under 16. For adults, prices are $120, 150, or $200 and can be purchased for adult and children under 16 and under free of charge, with ticket pricing for children at 10% off on most weekends. On the whole, there are plenty of people who love and respect Crown but are scared to ask. Just to be safe, here's a short guide to getting there and how to get there.
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