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For example, they may be a variety of different items and/or the character of the player who will play Winterberries slot, depending on the type of prize they will receive. The main gameplay feature of Winterberries slot-machine online is the payout of prizes. The Vikings Go Wild game also offers a wealth of randomly generated elements, so there is always a unique chance to find the game gold. The pay-lines in Winterberries slot-machine online feature a number of different game modes, both standard and VIP, with various gameplay rules.

Winterberries Yggdrasil Slot

Winterberries Yggdrasil Slot

Video selected by: SF Studio

The basic game of Winterberries slot-machine online consists of three types of pay-lines: standard, VIP and free. At the start of the game, players are able to choose from a set of prizes (each prize type has its own unique icon) and, of course, all player may pay their money into the machine. Viking Wilds Slot Slot will take you into the world of Norse mythology.

Winterberries slot machine is the first to introduce new elements like an automatic play mode that could generate a huge amount of money with a few actions.

After paying, the prizes are placed in slots corresponding to the specific game mode. In the example below, we see the place to deposit the paid prizes. The Princess of Paradise card has a 4 cost which is worth 4 points per level, which is a pretty great deal. Once the prize has been deposited in the slot, it becomes available for free play. The free slot types are those for which there are none of the three pay-lines present.

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Free slot types are available through the opening of a special section of the website. Winterberries slot-machine online may provide various gameplay rules on its pay-lines. These rules may be different and non-specified from the standard games of the slot machine. For example, different win conditions are possible, such as maximum win of up to 25 or min.

Winterberries Slot

The Winterberries slot-machine online has four unique types of prizes. A free ticket to enter the official Winterberries game (the same game as that played in the slot of the free slot types). If the player wins the game, he/she will receive the Winterberries, and the player will be able to keep the Winterberries. The player receives the Winterberries for winning.

The player who wins can keep the Winterberries. There are a set amount of Gold per player and a maximum limit of 12,500 per player. The total amount of gold that the player can be given (if the player wins) is unlimited. For all the players who win the game, a special Christmas Tree will be placed in the playerslot. The Christmas Tree contains 25 Winterberries and the game winner receives 25 Winterberries.

Each of these prizes is exclusive to one slot online and is exclusive to one game mode of the Winterberries slot-machine online. The Winterberries game uses both standard slots (a "standard" game is one where it is possible to pay in different games) and VIP slots. When the player places a normal slot order and puts in the Winterberries and/or Christmas Tree, a free ticket to enter the official Winterberries game (the same game as that played in the slot of the free slot types) is entered.

In the same way, when the player places a VIP slot order and puts in the Winterberries and/or Christmas Tree, a special VIP box is entered. The above values mean that there are 100 Winterberry box tickets in the player's VIP slot.

Winterberries Slot machine is considered to be a classic games with an outstanding quality which offers not only a unique approach totheme, but a variety of win modifiers (a special, free, or a limited time bonus).

The VIP mode in Winterberries slot-machine online consists of two pay-lines.

Summary of article:

  • The player has the chance to choose between using the Winterberries slot to receive various rewards and rewards for playing Winterberries slot machine online. Winterberries is an online game that you play using a unique online mode for playing in 3D graphics of the winter. We alsoadditional rewards for playing Winterberries slot machine online for your convenience! For example, for Winterberries slot machine online only there will be 50 (1) players in a single town, and 50 players in a single country as well.You can also play different games in the same location without worrying about the pay-line.
  • If you have played a total of 10 games in the game during the 24 hours before the release date we provide a special bonus for people with more than 10 games played. Once the bonus is activated the Winterberries slot machine returns to the last game started.You only need to activate it each time that you play Winterberries for the bonus to expire. Winterberries slot machine will continue playing Winterberries until January 2017 so you can catch up on your summer holiday, if you are busy with your summer activities. Please check the Summer calendar of Yggdrasil Games which has some great special Winterberries slots to try out.
  • In the summer of the current season, the Winterberry games are not scheduled for release as in the Summer of 2011 (winter). We hope you enjoy our Winter berries slot game theme, we would be very happy to provide you some new recipes in the future as well. You can find further information and preview images after clicking the "read more" button to receive the Winterberries Slot game theme.
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Discover more than 250 Top Vegas-style games

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