Play to win cash at land based and online casinos

How can I win at online casinos?

win at online casinos and land based casinosWell now, that’s literally the $1 million question, innit? And the truth is that any online casino gaming-related website that claims to have a foolproof system for winning at online casinos is fooling you. Outside of a certain table game (mentioned below in answer to the “easiest casino game” question) in which the house odds approach zero), Lady Luck rules the games and her kindness alone gets you wins. In fact, “winning” at the online casino tends to be more about minimizing losses.

  • Pirate 21Pirate 21
  • PontoonPontoon
  • Blackjack MultihandBlackjack Multihand
  • Single deck blackjackSingle deck blackjack
  • Blackjack Multihand VIPBlackjack Multihand VIP

What are some good rules to play by?

First of all, set a budget and *do not* supplement that budget with anything other than a deposit bonus. Simply put, willpower is the primary skill the players of games of chance must master. Some slots players like to set a maximum amount of money to wager on a certain game, whether win or lose, i.e budgeting $50 means 50 $1 spins on the given machine, with all winnings banked.

Understand one fact about discreet mathematics. In games of chance, whether slots, craps, roulette or miscellaneous, each event in that game is independent of one another. Seeing or not seeing a payout on one turn or any number of turns has no determination on the next event. For example, let’s say your roulette wheel hits 11 five times in a row? What are the odds that an even will hit on the next spin? Right about 36-to-1, just as always.

And whatever you do, do not “throw good money after bad.” After going on a losing streak on, say, a slot game, do not pump money you cannot afford into the machine, figuring that you’ve already invested lots without a payout, so might as well … ah, no. Don’t do it.

How Much Money Can I Win At An Online Casino?win a stack of chips with casino play online

Here, you might also want to see “Do Online Casinos have Withdrawal Limits?” because in theory, there is absolutely no limit to winnings at most online casinos. Some natural limitations to winnings may be in place, i.e. player deposits are typically limited to $1,000 per day and many online casinos’ table games set betting limits of $100 per turn, but geez, online casinos have also paid out eight-figure jackpots on progressive slots with a single bank check.

How Do I Win A Progressive Jackpot at online slots?

It depends what you mean. If you talking about one of those multi-million life-changing sort of progressive jackpots of the sort given out by the Mega Moolah slot, we’re not much help. Seriously, if I knew how to beat a progressive jackpot slot, would I be writing this copy right now? Not likely.

On the other hand, quite a few slots – including the Marvel Superheroes progressive slots line – feature three progressive slots of varying size. Naturally, playing a three-level progressive slot increases your owns of winning a healthy haul of coinage – and these are often rewarded strictly randomly, even after a losing spin.

What is the easiest casino game to win?

play blackjack casino table game at online casinosBlackjack. A six-deck shoe (fairly commonly seen at online casinos as well, though an 8-decker is the default) gives the house just a 0.26% advantage. Card-counting with smaller shoes can reduce this deficit all the way to swing over to a player’s advantage – which is of course why card-counting is, um, frowned upon in Las Vegas casinos.

If you’d like to play the (theoretically) safest game in the house, check out a blackjack cheat sheet and – this cannot be emphasized enough – do not deviate from the strategy. In this way, you might turn a reasonable profit in short-, medium- and long-term.