Welcome bonus when registering for real money play online

What Is A Welcome Bonus?

welcome bonus for registering at the online casinosPretty much exactly what you’d think. With the first deposit a player makes with an online casino website, he/she will get a supplement to his/her new account.

Banner ads and web pages promoting for these bonuses usually express the bonus offer as (XX% for up to $YYY,” or even “$XXXX first deposit bonus” (followed by any number of exclamation points. The welcome bonus will be based on the size of the initial deposit, i.e. one is certainly not receiving a couple hundred for, like, $20.

Instead, the welcome bonus is calculated like so. As an example, we’ll say that the welcome bonus offer is for 100% up to $500. If the first deposit is $100, the casino will match that with another $100. If the player deposits $500, he/she gets $500 – but that’s the max. Even with a $10,000 deposit, the player will receive $500 in bonus playing money with this particular welcome bonus.

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The top reason a seasoned player will switch favored online casinos? The welcome bonus, of course! Not only does a welcome bonus provide the player with typically double the playing money to enjoy the games, this perk is probably the no. 1 area in which online casinos are superior to their “bricks-and-mortar” counterparts. After all, how often does your favorite gambling spot just give you playing cash upon walking in the door?

How much of a welcome bonus can I get?

The 100% figure in the above example was not arbitrary: This is the most popular percentage offered with a welcome bonus. In fact, the first-time player would do well to pass over registration at online casinos offering less than a 100% match.

Additionally, reputable online casino websites will be willing to match that deposit at the 100% rate for at least a few hundred – a nice supplement to get the new player started.

How do I withdraw welcome bonus money?

Slight complications here. Obviously, an online casino won’t merely match the player’s $400 with another $400 and then immediately let him/her withdraw the welcome bonus as real money. Rather, the player must “play through” the welcome bonus cash (we’re calling it “bonus playing money” for a reason). So the player looking for a welcome bonus should scan those small-print “terms and conditions” for “play through requirements.”

What are play through requirements?

We were just about to explain. The play through requirements on a given welcome bonus define the amount you’ll 100% match bonus for your initial deposit online casinobe expected to play at the casino before cashing out on that bonus. Play through requirements are always expressed as a multiplier, so let’s use a 10x requirement on our theoretical welcome bonus.

In the above example, the player finds a 100% welcome bonus and deposits $500. He/she now has $1,000 in his/her account with that casino. However, he/she must play $5000 (i.e. 10 times $500 in bonus money) in order to cash out. This is no problem for the player lucky enough to hit big on that bonus money – for example, after taking a slot machine for $20,000 or so – but most players will have to be content with merely enjoying some free games.

Are there different play through requirement for different games?

Certainly. Generally speaking, the more skill required in a given casino game, the larger the play through requirement. Slots get the most favorable such requirement, with video poker sometimes getting the same rate. If you’re a blackjack player, however, you’ll be expected to play through a lot more before seeing any of that bonus. Savvy online blackjack players look for special welcome bonuses designed to pay out fairly on blackjack variations, but these are sadly becoming lesser seen.