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The symbol of a lion's head would look pretty cool on an Assassin (which is basically everything except Assassins, but that lion represents the Artemisia Scatter's logo. And now the Assassinsymbol. The age of Spartans is a historical themed content portal that lets you see history of the games you can play.

There's a certain level of irony here, since this symbol was adopted as a trademark by the Assassin's Guild. It's not the only logo that you can find on Rise of a Spartan, and it wasn't only used as a symbol either, but it's the only one that will appear on a slot machine. Rise of the Pharaohs is very open and easy to run up. The Rise of Spartans slots don't have the same visual appearance as they do in the movie.

300: Rise of An Empire (2014) - Spartan Rescue Scene (10/10

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All you actually see from the back is a plain gold screen and a silver screen. There is no image on this machine, and it never uses the same image as in real life. The only thing that was actually depicted for the Rise of Spartans slot machine was the two people on screen holding guns in their hands - I guess you would have to play on a game over or something. Rise of Dead is loaded with all kinds of gameplay, and we love that. It appears that the slot machine only got rid of the original symbol in order to show the image of the lion or the image of the Assassin in order to add more of an immersive image for the player.

The Rise of Spartans machine makes you think like a sniper

But that's not everything! The slot machine has another symbol which is more like it's namesake. Rise of the Spartans Part 3 bonus round bonus spins for Wild Spartan slot game. It looks like the Assassin's Guild's emblem. You see a bunch of symbols with the name of various guilds on each of them, but it doesn't really look like they have anything to do with the Rise of Spartans games.

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The only thing that can be seen from the back of this machine are the letters "ASG" across the top of the screen. This is the symbol it uses to show the Assassin's Guild logo as opposed to the Rise of a Spartan logo, which is obviously not featured on this machine. The Assassin's guild logo looks like the logo usedone of their logo booklets from the early part of the series from GameFAQs. The Rise of Poseidon Slot is available during the Rival Gaming's free spins promotion as they have a limited number available. And finally we have the actual logo used on the Rise of Spartans machine, which looks more like an image from a GameMaster magazine.

It's definitely more of an homage because of that. The logo on the Rise of a Spartan machines was based on artwork from the magazine. The Rise of Dead theme was a game you needed to have a game or go play alone. It's not the same as the actual Rise of a Spartan logo in that it has an image of the Assassin's Guild logo in it. It's more like the game's logo.

So just like the Assassin's Guild logo in the movie, which is obviously not the Rise of a Spartan logo, it appears that the Rise of a Spartan slots machine has a different image of the Assassin's Guild logo than the Rise of a Spartan logo as is depicted on the actual machines. The Rise of Spartans slots do not really have the same look as the movie. Rise of Egypt has 2 different settings. The Rise of Spartans machine doesn't use the same images or symbols as the movie. It's not a big deal though.

Rise of Spartans is a fruit themed video slot and BetOnSoft’s disposal for this machine looks to adhere to the smash hit movie of the same name.

It's not uncommon that a movie is used to represent a game, and one of the first movies that they showed on slot machines was The Return of the Jedi. This is just one of those rare instances where the movie actually has some relevance to a game by being the official one.

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