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On the other hand the Vikings are rather more angry and savage compared with other board games from that year. And we will mention below that the graphics, layout and design are definitely less than what you can get in a normal video game slot machine (unless your aim is to get high scores! ). Vikings Slot Game has the best storyline of any game at present, and that is thanks to the incredible team behind it. It's always interesting when you see a lot of people complaining about a new video game version of a game they like and often comparing it with its real life counterpart. In the case of Big Time Gaming’s Viking Quest slot machine you can even find many of them saying that, the board game has a less satisfying, less colourful, more realistic/fancy graphics and the rules are not as flexible and easy to understand.

Viking Quest is a "big game" created to be played in a single session on the big screen or laptop screen of the player with a mouse.

And that's where the Vikings came in with their Viking Quest slot machine! You can buy the Viking Quest slot game only at Big Time Gaming’s website or at your nearest Big Time casino. Viking Quest 2 has been optimized for both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

But you should also take note of the two additional options: Big Time Virtual Slot and Big Time Casino Big Time. In addition you can also use any of the Big Time casino slots available in your region. In our review of Big Time Gaming’s Viking Quest we mentioned that the graphics are not as crisp as in a real slot machine and compared to other games that look quite crisp when they are first played. Brave Viking Virtualization can be used with other virtualization cards. We would also mention that the sound are not very good at the moment as our sample did not display the proper high quality sound, which we will not mention here since the sound was not exactly of that level.

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Nevertheless, you can clearly hear the sound of "a lot of coins" when you play the Big Time slot machine. The two slots in the Big Time virtual slot game play a lot like the "Super-Hot" slot on the Big Time casino, which is also very popular in the gaming world. The Viking Clash Slot Review exactly lets you dive into a voyage of big wins with a bang!

Final thoughts:

  • All while the games are played with a game controller. What can you do with four controllers that make up your Viking Quest game world? The choice is yours, just follow the instructions to play. If you have your choice, then you can select a size for your Viking Quest game to try it out on your own.You never know.
  • The Viking Quest slots machine is a bit of a challenge for the eyes, too, so I suggest you play it in a dark room for maximum performance. You can download the Big Time Gaming’s Viking Quest slot machine here – click on the picture for a bigger size.
  • So let's not be sad as the Viking Quest slot game really has its fair share of wacky scenarios ranging from epic battles, to a battle of wits between rival tribes, to a thrilling journey across the sea and around the world - all set among many different landscapes including the great land of Scotland. But how can you enjoy this thrilling free online slot game for you and your friends? Well it's actually simple just pick which game you like most and play those while you wait for your game to be launched for you! Viking Quest is completely free and ad-free so why not go for the free version on the appstore or, just download the game for free on the Google Play store for your mobile devices.
  • As part of the promotion there are a few 'mini-game' slots from each big world for each player to complete for free. As part of The Great Viking Quest Challenge (GTT, as part of their special giveaway there are a variety of Viking Quest items from the big world including: The Viking Quest Pendant, The Viking Quest Skull Mask and The Viking Quest Coin Set. There is also a special Steam Gold and Steam Silver game with the Vikings. The Great Viking Quest Game in Big Time Gaming is a large-scale contest that features five of the biggest players from all these big world regions in the game, each winning a small portion of each big world slot for free.
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A host of top casino games

In similar fashion to classic five-card draw without competitors at the table, in video poker the player is dealt five virtual cards; he/she can discard anywhere for zero to five cards and redraw.

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