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The entire event includes a hotel-style lounge with a 24-hour TV live feed offering more than just your favorite entertainment, but also a full dining and entertainment experience. The guests at the planet's newest location can experience yet another new and innovative experience from Kelly Clarkson. In a new video, you will find the stunning view from the studio of "Kelly's House" star Kelly Clarkson, as she and two other women on the planet, Christina Aguilera and Olivia Newton-John, take advantage of each other's unique personalities, talents and personalities as you walk in the dining rooms with Kelly and her family. Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino and the world's best casino is ready to welcome you for your evening activities. On the left side of the room, you will find a spectacular setting as you walk through the lounge with several guests.

The Planet Hollywood Suite also features five individual movie rooms (with their own personal flat-screen TVs) in the same level of luxury with full access to all of your favorite entertainment and entertainment options.

You will also discover a view of the famous Casino Vegas Strip, but this is only one of many locations where you can see everything. With many more locations to explore, the world's hottest venue is set to join the top five in Planet Hollywood's celebrity-level tour for the second consecutive year. The Zappos Theatre is slated to play host to a "Top 50" panel of new and upcoming stars, including Taylor Swift, James Franco, Jennifer Lawrence, Toni Braxton, James Franco, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino at the southern end of the Strip. The top three will also be represented at the Zappos Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino, where fans can watch the star and her family from the top tables.

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Additionally, this month's Zappos Las Vegas Resort & Casino opens at 5 p. at the Zappos Theater. See the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Action in a variety of ways. The Planet Hollywood Games was one of the first casinos in the country to offer "pay by the hour" gaming in 1973. Zappos is an all-star, all-ages resort hosted by the world-renowned fashion designer, the legendary reality star and fashion photographer Toni Braxton.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Only at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino!

This week on the show, you can find the new locations for the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino, with celebrity guests ranging from the likes of Christina Aguilera, Olivia Newton-John, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Rodriguez, Amy Schumer and others tothe likes of Justin Timberlake, J. Rowling, and J. o. Planet Hollywood has an indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, and one of the most luxurious lounges around. Join our Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino team as you watch the world's most famous and best celebrities and their families. Watch them compete against one another in front of an audience for your exclusive view of the star's family, the stars' favorite movie star, and the celebrities their friends and family may be friends with. Then you and your guests will see the planet's hottest celebrity guests as they explore each other's places on the hottest and weirdest of Vegas days. Each week there will also be new and entertaining moments from celebrity guests, such as the "Kelly's House" star's love affair with the "Kotaku" website.

The "Kelly's House" guests will take part in a live Q&A session to see what makes them tick, as well as show off their talent as starlets of both their own and the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotels & Casino Club's own, star-filled community. Please keep in mind that this is a public event and we do not endorse or support what you can see on the show! The Las Vegas Strip is known for being the place in the Universe where all things go crazy.

Other points of interest:

  • Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is the newest and largest resort in Las Vegas, covering an area of 2.7 million square feet, in a newly renovated resort-casino complex that includes two entertainment options - a casino and two hotel-casinos, both with an exclusive suite and concierge experience. The Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino has been praised for providing guests with a truly unique experience, creating a place for fans of all ages to indulge in the highest quality shows anywhere.

    The Zappos Resort & Casino is the perfect venue for fans of all ages to enjoy the incredible atmosphere and amenities, such as the "Magic Hours" where guests can get complimentary drinks and food, free shuttle transportation to, and from the Paradise island casino, complimentary casino tickets, and a 50% off special with a birthday party. Also enjoy complimentary parking and all the benefits of having all the facilities covered, and much more.

  • The lobby of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is a pleasant spot to walk around, and in the middle of the hall is Planet Hollywood's own theater, where you can look around and see what other patrons have been eating. The Planet Hollywood Casino is also a destination for movie stars such as Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman, and Tom Hanks. A few of their favorite restaurants and bar are Planet Hollywood, Denny's, The Dixie Inn, and La Quinta. The Dixie Inn is located in Downtown Disney Orlando.

    La Quinta is located off Disney's Magic Kingdom Drive, next to the Magic Kingdom Village entrance.

  • It features an exclusive 5+ bedroom VIP-level living room overlooking the Las Vegas skyline in the historic Palazzo B. and the new Sunset Strip hotel. A spacious, open deck with heated pools is just steps away for a spectacular dining experience. A luxurious suite with luxurious views of the Las Vegas skyline means no need to go to the beach to experience the sights at Zappos. It is the quintessential resort with luxurious views, stunning view and a spectacular dining experience.

    The Zappos Resort & Casino offers great food, fine drinks, and a wide range of services.

  • It is approximately 6 miles off of the downtown Vegas Strip from the hotel and easy access to everything in the downtown area. The Zappos Theater is a luxurious room, designed in classic style featuring a modernized, modernized theme with a fireplace. The hotel is located within walking distance of many shopping and dining establishments in downtown Vegas, Las Vegas Strip, the Sahara, the Mandalay Bay and more.

    The hotel provides free wi-fi, free parking and hotel rooms are on a first come first served basis.

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