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Download the Vegas Hits App for iOS from the AppStore. You can also get free Vegas Hits slot game to play either here or in the app on iPhone, iPad and iPod. SUPER JACKPOT - Las Vegas Casino Super Slot Machine ad-free for one month. 0 premium on device or device only. The app can be downloaded and used in iTunes, on your computer or through the mobile Internet. You can sign up for the free or real money mode of the game and play as many times as you like.

You need 3 credits to play a set of the slots as you earn for each play!


  • It's up to the person with a great casino to choose the Las Vegas Hits in the new MGM Grand Las Vegas casino. The Las Vegas Hits free slot machines allow you to buy and play with real money over the course of a game on the night of Sunday, September 18 in Las Vegas. The Vegas hits machines will be available to buy for all players, regardless of their location, on the night of the Sunday. The Vegas Las Vegas is a free game in which you win 50 coins at your casino for 20 casino points.It plays like a "Giant Pac-Man" machine with real gold rules as well as a special rules to make the casino seem like a nice little world out there.
  • As we stated previously, with a gambling casino that has such a large following, what you really need to keep an eye off is a good jackpot. A good jackpot only comes off when you bet very well. After all, the jackpot game is not only the real money in the casino that puts you on the winning side, but at least you have some chance of winning!After an extensive analysis and testing we have come to the conclusion that Vegas Hits is the one free slot machine we recommend to the most people who want to gamble in Las Vegas since each slot machine has a different win probability and a different chance of getting to a top. If you need your money to make an amazing gamble then play Vegas Hits and make a great day in Vegas!
  • Vegas Hits is one of the more popular slots in the casino games market. The casino games market as a whole depends quite in the number of slots games available on the internet. A player in need of a quick buck? Just select a free slot at Bally and start playing now .There is no need to wait too much if you are looking for a quick buck and a chance to impress your fellow casino player!
  • The game features 4 modes, the main mode can be described as "Play The Game or Hit Up This Place!". This version is available from and now the game is back again on Google Play.A winner's paradise in the Casino World. Enjoy Vegas Hits by bally.
  • And all of it is made out of 100% premium resin which is not cheap but it is 100% perfect for this game. This slot doesn't offer you all you need - only 50 cards (of course this isn't limited to Las Vegas only, these cards are the same in both slots) - but if you love gambling, or if you love the excitement of the game and want to win large amounts of money, then you will surely like this game. But if you don't like gambling, because the game has lots of options to achieve a certain goal on a game, then you will have no problem to play other slot games, like table games, casino games, poker games etc. For all you Vegas players looking to win the biggest amount of money, Vegas Hits by Bally is the best casino slots online.It offers you lots of options and everything you need to play the game on a new level.
Spin the Wheel for Multiple Daily Jackpots!
Spin the Wheel for Multiple Daily Jackpots!

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