Funny animal slots and animal themed casino games

Don’t look now, but there’s a virtual menagerie occupying the game room of online casinos across the internet. Funny animal slots populate the proper online casino in packs and herds, in gaggles and murders, dozens of humorously themed, generously paying out slot games.

Free Funny Animal Slot gamesDespite occupying the online casino’s virtual floor alongside big-budget franchise titles and progressive jackpot games, funny animal slots remain popular because so many slot players are looking to the fates for help in overcoming the odds – and winning. So what’s your lucky totem, spirit animal or Chinese astrological sign? Your favorite beastie likely stars in funny animal slots at your regular online casino.

Though the leaders among funny animal slots are clearly kitties and doggies – hey, just like on YouTube! – many more animal favorites get their turn in one online slot game or another.

Smartass and/or colorful birds often make for a main character; playful dolphins and happy whales greet with coinage from the sea. Amusing animals may be found in just about any slot themed on the farm. Monkeys? You can’t swing a dead banana without hitting two or three funny animal slots starring the playful primates…

Free Animal themed slot games

  • Siberian StormSiberian Storm
  • Mustang MoneyMustang Money
  • BuffaloBuffalo
  • Jaguar MistJaguar Mist
  • 50 Lions50 Lions
  • Mighty WildsMighty Wilds
  • Eagle BucksEagle Bucks
  • Pelican PetePelican Pete
  • African SimbaAfrican Simba
  • Monkey KingMonkey King
  • Wild HunterWild Hunter
  • Miss KittyMiss Kitty
  • Panda KingPanda King
  • Winning WolfWinning Wolf
  • Safari SpiritSafari Spirit
  • Jungle Spirit: Call Of The WildJungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild
  • The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster PaysThe Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays
  • RazortoothRazortooth
  • NirvanaNirvana
  • Flying HorseFlying Horse
  • Wolf MoonWolf Moon
  • Heart of the JungleHeart of the Jungle
  • Monkey Business Monkey Business
  • Raging RhinoRaging Rhino
  • King Kong CashKing Kong Cash

Sure, we’ve got examples.

Cat lovers and free slots players will definitely want to check out the “1024 Ways to win” game Fortune 8 Cat, the spacefaring adventures of Cosmic Cat, the high-paying Cats and Cash or the Top Cat slot, based on the classic cartoon. Then there’s the prim Miss Kitty, the frankly psychotically large-eyed Kitty Twins, the playful Kitty Cabana and the baddest ass fuzzy feline of them all, Sumo Kitty.

(Wait, was that “baddest ass”? I apologize. That title would in fact belong to the star of the Pink Panther slot game.)

Prefer canines? Check out the über-cute Puppy Love, the classic one-payline slot Cash Puppy and the rascally boys of Diamond Dogs and Red Dog slots. A bulldog is inevitably featured in the just-as-inevitable Dogfather slot game. And finally, while the domestic doggy’s cousin the wolf is typically featured in most earnestly serious slots, that original wolf of lore, The Big Bad Wolf gets his in an online slot as well.

Free farm animal slots

While the piggy protagonists of Big Bad Wolf-themed slots (which include Piggies and the Wolf, Little Pigs Strike Back and probably two or three others not immediately coming to mind), aren’t farm animals per se, we’ll begin the rundown of free farm animal slots with these fabled (get it?) porcines. Piggy Riches stars some squealers as well and is known for paying out nicely.

Piggy Riches slots on CasinoGamesCatalog.comChickens and turkeys are oft-seen stars of funny animal slots as well. For a little anthropomorphic poultry in your online slot games, check out the hilarious classic slot Chicken Little, the rich and satisfying Wild Turkey slot (or is that Wild Turkey whiskey?) and the intriguingly innovative Egg O Matic.

And whoa, if there’s one milieu that stands out among the funny animals slots subgenre, it’s the farm. Apparently the smiling roosters, chickens, cows, horses, etc., of these particular online slots are unaware of their date with a dinner plate because things certainly are chipper in slots like Money Farm, Sunny Farm, 3D Farm, Tornado Farm (seems like a kinda dark theme there), Farm Adventures, Barnyard Bucks, Country Life, Barnyard Boogie – you get the idea.

Free slots: Animals of the sky

Beautiful plumage makes our feathered friends a popular choice in funny animal slots. Games full of humor and straightup fun include Lucky Birds, Cluck Bucks starring a Daffy Duck-like dude, and the innovative and interesting Birds on a Wire.

The ever-beloved penguin shows his black-and-white face in online casinos quite regularly, either by his lonesome or with a cadre of arctic animals. Penguins in Paradise contains as many as these waterfowl as you’ll see short of a trip to the museum or one of DreamWorks’ “Madagascar” flicks. From said Arctic milieu are slot games such as Glacial Ages (speaking of animated movies, how about a take on “Ice Age,” online casino-style?) and Polar Riches among many others.

Animals playing soccer, monkeying around, bugging out

Meanwhile, back in Africa … software developers apparently believe that monkeys go better with just about anything (they’re completely justified in this assessment, by the way). So how about mixing it up with Monkey Business, the hilarious Monkey vs. Sharks or the irresistible Golf ‘n’ Monkeys – seriously, something should be done to liven up that so-called sport. As for whether you’ll be playing Monkey Love or Monkey Money slots, well, that’s the question for the ages, innit?

Super Lucky Frog slot machineOne interesting sub-subgenre within the funny animal slots grouping is that of “animals playing soccer.” Right, then: The online slot for you is the ageless Soccer Safari. Originally released in 2010 on the occasion of South Africa hosting the Football World Cup, this war between funny animals on the pitch has remained a popular title within the expansive Microgaming catalogue.

The insects get their due among funny “animal” slots, too. Earn your money, honey, with the bees of Bee Crazy or the 3D sitcomesque The Bees. Fire Flies features more gorgeous 3D animation and graphics while Bug Life is content to riff on the stylings of “A Bug’s Life.” And don’t forget the Rival Gaming mainstay Travel Bug, a true classic in online casinos.

Those vicious predators of the creepy-crawlies, namely the frog, has long been a symbol of luck, particularly in Asian cultures and often belies the fame and riches of royalty in Europe. Frog lovers should hop over to play Frog Hunter (don’t worry, the invasive humans get their comeuppance in this one) and the wildly popular Super Lucky Frog. Also worth a spin or two is that slots game starring the frog’s evolutionary cousin, Mr. Toad.

Ocean animal games and more

You’d figure that, with the much-beloved dolphin and whale among the denizens of the sea, that ocean animal games would feature higher among funny animal slots. True, the ocean milieu is extremely common in online casinos – it’s gotta be the blue palette that does it; so pleasant to look at – surprisingly few are of the comical sort.

Whale and ocean slotsTo compile a decent list of ocean-themed slots cannot be done in a reasonable amount of space, but we can recommend both Ocean Fortune and Dolphin Kings slots for the dolphinophiles among the slot-playing crowd. Whale O Winnings is a great slots game regardless of theme, as the title character truly lives up to the name with the promise of (dare I write it?) whale-sized winnings.

Still haven’t found your favorite represented among funny animal slots? We’ve got a few more for your consideration. At the temperature extremes, you could try Polar Fox or the classic slot Crazy Camel Cash (beware inexplicable cravings for a cigarette, nicotine junkies). The Rango slot game is based on the Johnny Depp-starring animated movie and is, on the whole, funnier. Finally, would you believe that the armadillo stars in *two* big-name slot games? Play Western Armadillo and Armadillo Artie’s to enjoy payouts from these bizarre creatures.

Though we can’t recommend superstition as part of a solid strategy at the online casino – we’d more likely espouse knowing your paytables and your budget – we can certainly tout the virtues of funny animal slots. Play free animal games online now right here!