Review the online casino gambling laws in your country

Is online gambling permitted in the U.K.?

online gambling laws in the uk for real money playYes, but things are about to get complicated. After the tumultuous vote of June 2016 in which the ballot-casting populace decided to “Brexit the EU.” At the soonest, British nations (though perhaps only England and Wales) will be economically separated from The Continent by summer 2018.

Why is this important for online casino-goers? Because currently U.K. law holds that citizens may play at the so-called “white list” casino sites. These include all casinos regulated by government authorities in the UK, in UK territories – and *in the European Union.* Which casinos will be shutting out UK players in 2018 and beyond? We’ll see. Until then, enjoy one of the world’s most liberal online gaming laws…

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As even within the European Union, gambling law is naturally enacted country-to-country (in the U.S., it’s state-to-state; in Canada, province-to-province), a neat summation here would be impossible. The following is a (very) brief at example in the variance for laws around the world.

What is gambling law like in other European countries?

In short, widely variable.

For example, in 2010, France set the licensure-and-regulation model which since has become fairly standard for European nations looking to decriminalize online gambling. Italy soon followed suit, as did other Western Euorpean nations such as Portugal, Spain and Germany; in these countries, it is legal to gamble online only at government-licensed casino and/or sports betting websites.

By contrast, eastern European nations including Poland, Hungary and Estonia have been cracking down on online gambling essentially since the internet was installed and more dramatically so since these countries have tended toward extremist governments.

And in Russia, all online gambling is illegal.

However, note that in most European countries, the banks themselves offer essentially no resistance to the player wishing to deposit or withdraw to/from his/her account for playing at an online casino outlet.

What is the prevailing US online gambling law?laws for real money online gambling in various countries

US federal law regarding online gambling is rooted in what is commonly known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (a.k.a. UIGEA), actually Title VIII of the clumsily named Security and Accountability For Every Port Act of 2006 (a.k.a. the SAFE Port Act).

Ramrodded through Congress, “passed at midnight on the day Congress adjourned for the 2006 elections” and today an aimless zombie of a law from the W. Bush Administration, UIGEA makes transferring funds from US-based financial institutions to gambling websites illegal, though money can be wagered by US citizens on fantasy sports, lottery games and horse racing – or rather, is decided upon by legislators at the individual state level. In other words, in the US, banks police the attempted depositing and withdrawal of money from online casinos.

By the end of the Obama Administration, some states have continued to progress to legalized intrastate gambling. In 2012, Delaware joined Nevada and New Jersey in offering online casino websites approved by the state government, and California has taken many swings at various legalization proposals. 100% legal online gambling: Coming soon to a state near you! (Maybe.)

So what’s Canadian gambling law?

In Canada, prevailing online gambling law is decided province to province. British Columbia was the pioneer here, when in 2009 the province’s government launched its own casino website. Another interesting move came in late 2016, when the Quebec provincial government sold its online operations to software creators Amaya Gaming.

As in other areas of international banking and trade, however, Canada very much follows the US’s lead in depositing and withdrawing at non-government sanctioned Canadian online casinos. Any major bank owned by US- and/or Canada-based business interests, i.e. over 90% of the consumer-level banking industry in the country, will allow transactions at government-backed sites only.