What do I need to start playing?

free registration to play at online casinosNot much more than what’s required of registrants at nearly any website< i.e. your address, a working email address and/or a phone number. Many online casinos don’t even require a phone number and, while some websites may request a verification via email, a great deal more do not require even this step.

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At the majority of online casinos, you can fill out a minimum of information and you’re set to start playing! Truth be told, registration at online casinos is just about as simple as signing up with any e-commerce website, but vigilance remains of high importance. Naturally, we recommend any casino website partnered with CasinoGamesCatalog, for we can assure that not only have all our partners been quality-tested for fairness and security, but also apply best practices in what is a mostly unregulated industry.

Will registering at an online casino fill my email inbox with spam?

True, some online casinos may unscrupulously pass on your email address to spammers – though no casino operator partnered with CasinoGamesCatalog indulges in such activity – most websites are honest enough about promotional material and such that may be sent to a player. When registering, be sure to check for options not to receive such notices if you wish to avoid them.

How old must I be to register at an online casino?

Just as in most casinos, the age limit is 18 for online casinos – if you’re looking to play for real money. Playing for free is, well, free to those of any age. Of course, as many kiddies these days are well aware, there is little to keep a minor from simply lying about his/her age. The best bet (so to speak) for concerned parents is to apply some sort of blocking software.

Are US players blocked from online casino registration?register online for real money play at casinos

No, but real-money play isn’t exactly easy for residents of the US and Canada in particular, thanks to regulations placed on banks in these countries. To play for real money, US and Canadian players may need to consult and use payment methods other than credit cards. To play for real money, all players should know their local laws regarding transacting payment at casino websites.

Is it necessary to pay when registering at an online casino?

Absolutely not. In fact, the smart player is very wary of any casino website that forces a player to pony up money before allowing entrance to the virtual casino lobby. Even if free play is not offered at the given casino outlet, any player after registration should be able to at least see the games on offer before plunking down a cent.

Can I still play at online casinos for free?

Yes! Whereas about 10 years ago, maybe half of the internet’s casino operators would not allow free play, nearly every one now does. Why? It’s great publicity for the given casino’s entire catalog of games! Once registered at a legitimate online casino, any player may play any game for free or real money.