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Ocean's Call Slot

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While the main draw for players seeking a slot machine experience lies within the visual variety of the slot machine. It would of course be a great opportunity for Habanero Systems to have another go at the slot machine market, but unfortunately the company has left behind the classic design of their 'Ocean's Call' slot machine. The game itself has had many changes too, with the design of the siren not being one of them. The Ocean Fantasy Slot Machine shows some nice graphics and play, although it was a very difficult game to get used to. A quick look through the game can show where the game has been altered in its formative stages, including a new "C" shape (which should have been a standard layout, the placement of the "C" (seen on the screen in this image, and the design of the wheel. There is no denying that the image of the "C" shape on the screen is visually striking, but it is far from perfect; the game itself appears flat and lifeless, with the visuals falling apart a couple of times.

This is made apparent by the poor performance of the actual "Ocean's Call" slot machine's performance, often failing to achieve any more than 15% on the wheel in the given time. It is a poor performer for all the wrong reasons. The game fails to achieve a high rate of play, with a mere 11% of the participants in our play session scoring a winning bet in five bets. The Ocean Oddities Slot is offered by several online casino chains that also support RTG software. It is interesting to see how the overall game experience is much improved when looking at the original classic "Ocean's Call" slot machine.

The artwork for the game still appears to be a great idea with beautiful graphics. It looks like a real 3D graphics on the slot machine screen. Ocean Magic Slot has an interesting double scoring feature whereby the plays on all plays are quadrupled. But that does not mean that the entire game design is sound.

Ocean's Call Slot

The "C" shape design does an admirable job of depicting that the character and its "curse" will be a constant presence. This "C" shape is seen on most "Ocean's Call" slot machine designs, with the only exceptions being those "Ocean's Call" games of the "Ocean's Call" wheel that contain the "C" shape. Master of Atlantis Slot Machine, as featured on the Cover of Slot Temple.

We saw another example of this on the original classic "Ocean's Call" slot machine game, where the "C" shape was used on a design that only featured four "C's" instead of five, in an effort to make the design more consistent to the original design. In the "C" shape, the design of the siren also seems a tad too "shiny" for some, as the "C" shape design can be seen in this image below. Ocean Princess Boat is based on the ocean and their parameters. It certainly does not help that the siren does not have the "full complement" of siren icon that other "Ocean's Call" slots games have. The siren design on the "Ocean's Call" slot machine is one that has become more in tune with the original design over the years.

In this image we can see that there has been much refinement on the design of the siren since it was introduced in 1979. The "S" shape of the SIREN is more in line with the original design of the game. The main concern that we have about the "Ocean's Call" design is the design of the wheel.

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