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Free Keno games onlineEnjoy these instant win, real online casino keno games that you can play without money. Practice play all types of online keno games with our free casino games catalog. The list below is showing Keno games that you can play for free from top casino game developers. These games are found in most reputable and safe online casinos and are displayed in chronological order. New keno games go first.

  • Klub KenoKlub Keno
  • Keno LabKeno Lab
  • KenoKeno
  • Jackpot KenoJackpot Keno
  • KenotronicKenotronic
  • KenoKeno
  • Keno Keno
  • Super KenoSuper Keno
  • Magic KenoMagic Keno
  • Keno by Real Time GamingKeno by Real Time Gaming
  • Golden Bonanza KenoGolden Bonanza Keno
  • Nelson's victoryNelson's victory
  • Jackpot 15 KenoJackpot 15 Keno
  • KenoSaurusKenoSaurus
  • Vegas Jackpot KenoVegas Jackpot Keno
  • Keno LandKeno Land
  • Grand National KenoGrand National Keno
  • Neptune's KenoNeptune's Keno
  • Instant keno 80 ballInstant keno 80 ball
  • Traditional kenoTraditional keno
  • KenoKeno

What exactly is keno and how do I play?

play keno online and enjoy it just as you do in the casinoKeno is of course a lottery-style game offered at essentially every reputable online casino. In the real-life casino, keno balls numbered from 1 to 80 are drawn from the familiar machine consisting of a glass cube and a V-shaped tube which captures balls. All in all, 20 numbers are drawn. Though the word ‘keno’ itself is descended from Latin roots, the game’s origins go back to China of the Middle Ages – no matter, the language spoken here is online anyway. Before play, the player chooses his numbers (in some online keno games, the number of choices required is fewer) by marking a card; in the online game, just click on a number once the cursor hovers over it.

Payouts are determined by the house’s/online casino’s paytable. Though no two such tables are identical, odds are similar from outlet to outlet, as the house edge in keno is pretty substantial (at least 3.9% and as high as 35%) and huge wins matching 14 or more rarely happen anywhere – it is said that in the history of Las Vegas, no keno player has *ever* hit 18 or more numbers.

While interesting, this fact is hardly surprising: After all, the odds of guessing 20 numbers from 1-80 correctly is approximately 3,535,316,142,212,173,800 to 1. Or, as put more succinctly my yours truly’s brother during our last trip to Las Vegas: “How else can you lose money while eating breakfast?” That’s keno in a nutshell…

Is there such a thing as a keno strategy?

Absolutely not, and the thinking person will never fall for any “system” purporting to help you in this game; such scams are akin to elaborate methods supposedly designed to help you win a state lottery.

As a game of chance, strict laws of probability hold; to wit, each individual event (let’s say here the choosing of a group of 20 numbers) is completely independent of every other occurrence. In keno, the combination of 1-2-3-4, etc., straight through consecutively to 20 is no more or less likely than 1-23-47-58-20-69-etc. In fact, the odds of a draw of 1 through 20 followed by another draw of exactly the same numbers are no less or greater than any two random bunches of 20 numbers drawn back-to-back.

It’s all luck, folks. On the other hand, remember: *Anyone* can win the lottery.

Are there variations of keno?

Though you’ll mostly get the standard game in Las Vegas and other North American “bricks and mortar” casinos, a few variations on keno exist online, with smaller number banks, varied paytables and specialty bets – check out the variations we have on offer here at

Casino keno games online - and where to play ?

Keno is a lottery-like game that's being offered at most online casinos, often placed in the same category of online casino games, such as Bingo, Scratch cards and other, similar instant win casino games.

For those interested in everything there is to know about Keno games - please check out Keno article on Wikipedia.

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Popular casino keno games

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Online superball keno, Cleopatra keno, Jackpot keno. All keno games by OpenBet: KenoSaurus, Nelson's Victory Keno, Grand National Keno, Neptun's Keno, KenoLand with a stoned caterpillar on mushrooms.  And then also: Keno cash king by Tain, Special keno games by Yygdrasil gaming. Keno games by 1x2 gaming. Instant Keno 40 ball, Instant Keno 80 ball and Traditional Keno game by BetSoft.