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The Wild Orient symbol is the wild symbol and replaces all other symbols except scatter. Symbol: The Wild Orient is a new symbol. Wild Orient slot is a new symbol to replace both the scatter and the animal symbol. All Jackpots Casino has the best prices and is great on the mobile platform. The symbol replaces the animal symbol, except when placed on top of the image.

Wild Orient slot has one animal slot as pictured on top image, and one player slot as shown inside image. SOLO: The following slots are SOLO as shown, and the slots are listed in ascending order. Slot Planet Affiliates offers numerous ways on how to play the slot. The slot is shown at top with the animal symbol at the bottom.

Wild Orient may well be known as a mysterious reservation that can have days in the evening, but, when you embark upon this Wild Orient slot machine from Gamomat, you will discover plenty of perks!

SOLO slot symbol on the left, Wild Orient in the centre with animals. SOLO slot is shown above to the right with animals above and animals below. SOLO slot symbol on the right, Wild Orient in the centre with animals. Fruit Smoothies provides more variety of fruit than fruit Smash is the standard fruit-rich dessert. Wild Orient slot is a special slot with one slot.

Wild Orient Slot

It is also called Solos (singular) slot; Solos are only available from this slot and can be created by slotting three, four or five animals at the slot. The animal can be chosen at slot. Pink Elephants is a real treat though to see the level design they've come up with. Solos Slot image on the left, Solos-in-the-centre with animals.

Solos slot appears on top image above to the right, Solos-out-in-the-centre with animals. Wild Orient slot is a special slot and it is also called Wild Orient-in-the-centre. Microgaming Slots Payback also offers " Mega Moolah® Bonus Free ". This slot has one slot as pictured above to the right. Wild Orient-in-the-centre slots can only be created by slotting three, four and five animals at that slot.

Wild Orient slot can be used as a game for beginners as you are more likely to be able to hold one of the free spins while still having the best free play potential.

Wild Orient slot symbol on left, Wild Orient-in-the-centre with animals above and animals below. Solos Slot is shown above to the right with animals before and animals after. FOUND!: The slot is found with all animals as pictured above of "found" with all animals. FOUND!: Animal symbol as seen above.

Wild Orient Slot

FOUND!: In-game animal symbol as seen at upper right above the slot image. Wild Orient slot is a small special slot for solos. The slots are named after animals and the symbol is as shown below. Wild-Oriented and Wild-Oriented-in-the-centre are two different words, meaning Wild-Oriented (solos) and Wild-Oriented-in-the-centre (suicide slots).

Wild Orient-Founded slot is named in honour of a solos and a suicide slot in the same game. It has one slot as pictured above to the right. This slot is called Wild Oriented-Founded and can only be created by slotting 3, 4, 5 or 6 animals at the slot (up to the size limit of 25). Wild oriented slot symbol is shown above to the left, Wild-Oriented-Founded in the centre to the right with animals.

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Solos are always created from two or three animals, as shown above. Wild Oriented-Founded is a game only available from the Solos slot. SOLO-in-the-centre slot-slot pictured above, Solos-in-the-centre slot in the centre, and "found" with all animals. SOLO-in-the-centre slot will display two Solos-in-the-centre slots in the picture above.

Other points of interest:

  • The position the player has on the role board is determined by the total number of slots won by these roles during the game. The player with the highest score in all slots at the end of the game wins. The game does not include any rules regarding how many or how many games each player is allowed, or any requirement of players being in the same state, or any other type of game strategy. Please remember, the Wild Orient slot machine game was designed by a professional game designer and was produced by an independent design studio for a certain target audience.

    If you plan to play Wild Orient with your friends or family, you can't be faulted for not being familiar with the rules or having seen the game many times before.

  • But Wild Orient is very well balanced, so maybe you should try it if you're a fan of the Asian theme. You can always find many similar mobile slot games here on Mobilegameastor. We're sorry, we're currently offline! Check out my other slots for Wild Orient.

    The Asian Elephant has an incredible video bonus where the video artist and designer show off their latest video about animals.

  • Dragon Dance isn't so bad if you ask me as it's more of a dance game in the spirit of the real thing (for that, I recommend Super Dancer ). Dragon Dance was also the original free slot game for Pokémon Gold, White and Silver. While this version of Wild Orient is in English localization, those of you with access to the original games in Japanese are better off playing on their original Japanese versions.

    Note: The video above is for Pokémon Yellow / Blue, but Wild Orient can also be played on Pokémon X / Y. And while it's not available on Pokémon Sun/Moon, we managed to make this short video of Wild Orient on Pokémon X / Y, which was made for a Japanese event called Pokémon Day.

  • Wild Orient was created by one of our amazing friends and fellow gamers who came over from the Netherlands. Were hoping to get Wild Orient to the US to get a chance at some time soon and we donthink that will happen. We are only interested in creating games with real-life wild animals, but are looking to share ideas that we think might help the game in the future.

    We've found other developers who love the game and even want to playanimal as part of a team if they were to find a better game.

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