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The Casino at the Pearl River Resort has been re-opened after a lengthy renovation. As a rule of thumb, the greater the volume of slot machines, they are rated as larger, but in this case, yes, larger can mean more. If you are a fan of gaming and fancy spending your cash on the slot machine, then get a reservation before you hit the "Book" button, because the Casino at the Pearl River Resort is only accepting bookings now! Book it now before you miss out on this bargain, since their opening day is the day after December 31st, 2015. The Coyote Moon game will accept two cards and place a $25.00 deposit to win a prize of $100.00 at any time during the game. The Casino at the Pearl River Resort does have a limit to the number of players that can play at a time on the slot machines.

Silver Star Casino was open from January 1991 to December 2001

The maximum for this slot is 20, but the maximum number of players is set as a certain number, that is the same day the slots are set. After the December 18th, 2015 date, the Casino at the Pearl River would close down temporarily and reopen as a new facility later in the year. The casino also has a daily lottery. The Sun Moon Slot is a much easier way to deal with the Wild card of a Wild. The amount of entries will be set at three cents and will have no fixed end-date.

The Pearl River Resort is located in the hotel lobby next to Diamond, in Gold Star Plaza located on Diamond Boulevard, and located at Pearl River Casino on Diamond Blvd.

The Casino at the Pearl River Resort is operating on a 24-hour casino lottery which closes at 2 a. and begins again at 1 am every day and 7:00 p. on the Tuesday after St. Pearl River Resort does make a big impact in the Southeast with high quality lodging, unique amenities and exceptional service. Patrick's Day. This has been a long time that the Lucky Dime has been running on a 24-hour lottery and this is not a new system.

The Pearl River Resort has partnered with Triton, The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and the Association of Video Game and Casino Operators (AVGO) to provide a new digital gaming experience with two online casinos – the Silver Star Spa and the Pearl River Casino – that offers a variety of innovative games that cater to all kinds of casino visitors. A large video game library features games from the greatest names in gaming including Madden, FIFA and Call of Duty. Guests will enjoy unique slot machines, poker machines, games of skill and video poker. This system can be used for both online and in-person play.


  • The Spa serves as a lounge with a pool area, private Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and heated indoor bath. At least 40 booths serve 24 different drinks including soft drinks, cold water, and juice.The Spa and Spa are open daily until 2 am for a variety of specials. Silver Star Spa offers $65 on-property tax for each household which helps cover operating costs, advertising in the media and providing services to those in need. A few years ago, we posted a photo of the silver room at Pearl River Casino, as an example of the amazing location of the casinos' pool and Spa area.
  • All items are provided by the RosewoodSpa and Spa at Pearl River Resort. It should be noted that all of Pearl River Resort's game rooms, suites, and the bar have been modified for the increased gaming space available at some resorts and this may take some time to complete.
  • The Golden Moon Hotel & Casino at Silver Star Resort covers 90,000 square feet and hosts a dining, lounging, and billiards facility. The Gold Room at Silver Star Casino was opened in 2005. Serenity by Marriott has been a leader in the hotel industry for over 20 years.
Over 400 games to choose from!
Over 400 games to choose from!

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