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I had the pleasure of playing this on iPad 4 to preview, and it looks good on the tiny screen - with one of the two gemstone symbols shown below - the colour scheme feels particularly clean and bright. Pragmatic Play's Aztec Gems slot, also from a tablet. I've got my hand resting comfortably in the slot as I type that. The game's two slots are filled with 12 gems. The Aztec Slot mobile slot is built on a solid platform with HTML5 design. Each slot holds 5-6 gems at once, so it seems fair at first. The game offers $10 - $20 bonus play for players who play a few games on each slot and add up the points.

Aztec Gems is part of the Aztec Entertainment family of games

The bonus play is quite tempting, even for those who don’t play slot games. Pragmatic Play did what many have suspected with their games; they did a good job of encouraging their players to play the slot games. They took a good step in the right direction - I've played the slot games and found them to be rather straightforward games. IGT Aztec Temple is also available in a bundle package which includes Aztec Temple for PC, PC+Mac and Windows. The bonuses will be good for players who want to play slot games when they go out, but the best players are likely to win more than this. If you enjoy the slot games with some bonus play - perhaps as a way to spend some real money while you're at the shops - then the Aztec Gems slot is a worthwhile opportunity.

The Aztec Gems logo is the wild - it replaces everything apart from the coloured gems, and all jewelled ones come with a multiplier. 5 of a kind of the wilds will getyour stake as a win.

It is still in its first alpha stage (no public playtest yet, so it has a fair way to go, but it looks very promising. A little early for most, but hey at least we are getting ahead of our game - at least I think that is the case. If you have already tried the slot games with bonus play, we think you will also like this Pragmatic Play Aztec Gems slot game. IGT Slots for Machines may include new or classic game mechanics to help you become your own play style. What do you think?

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Is this going to have a place on your list of game to play? Has this slot game already been made enough to warrant a review? Share with any of your favourite slot fans to help get this game into the hands of new players. The Aztec Temple is available with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. We will be taking a look at Pragmatic Play and Pragmatic Play's other slot games as part of our ongoing slot game reviews in the coming months at this link.

UPDATE : After receiving feedback after the first review of Pragmatic Play Aztec Gems slot game, we have decided to review their game as well. If you like the slot game of the same name, click here - the review will also have some discussion on our current Pragmatic Play review. Aztec Temple Slots is an exciting and challenging game. We hope to see more games in the Pragmatic Play range in the future.

To round it up:

We recommend you experiment with the Aztec Gems online slot and if you like it get more spins with our free spins below, please leave us a comment and rate us if you like them. The game is available for both Windows and MAC computers. If you are on a Windows machine in your office or home you can run this game for free on our website by clicking here to download the FREE Aztec Gems free slots and use them for free spins! Click on the button below to download the free Aztec Gems free slots and you can either click the icon or the icon link above to see the free play spin games you can play without having to sign in! Click here to play freeAztecGems free spins and leave a comment to let us know if you like the free spin!

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