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Jewels of the Sea brings mermaids and dolphins to life in a vibrant and fun area. There are 20 pieces of Jewel of the Sea content to choose from; from mermaids, mermaid dresses, mermaid costumes and costumes for whales, mermaid toys, mermaid waterfalls and more! There are five tiers of Jewels of the Sea content; tiers 1, 2 and 3 are only available to Premium Gold owners. The Maidens of the Sea game is a relatively simple coin-toss type game. Tier 4 is in an exclusive tier for Premium Gold owners!

Jewels of the Sea in 2016 is a massive update to some of Mazooma's more beloved places of discovery, and so we are very excited to share a few more with you! This year I have been hard at work adding to Jewels of the Sea some of the new features introduced in 2017, and we're hoping for a lot more in 2017. Dolphins Pearl has an engaging bonus game to ensure a fair play through a concept known as mixed paylines. Here are a few additions that we hope you can enjoy when you buy Jewels of the Sea!

The new Jewel of the Sea will be live on 4/21! The new Jewel of the Sea is now the same item as when it was released in 2015. The Mermaid's Treasure Slot is one of the easiest to learn of the casino game, if you are an expert in slot machines. It's a set of Jewels of the Sea pieces that you don't already have. We've created a new video slot for Jewel of the Sea that we hope you love!

Jewels of the Sea is a great game to learn about

In addition to the new Jewels of the Sea video slot, we also introduced some more exciting changes! The new Jewels of the Sea will come with many new rewards at launch, and each Jewel will start with a "VIP" tier. It's a special tier that comes with extra Jewels, new levels of Jewels & a discount on the Jewel of the Sea video slots. Penguin Splash's goal is to ensure that your money goes directly into the game while playing. VIPs are premium level subscribers that can have the Jewel of the Sea as their daily play mode, but can't actually purchase Jewels of the Sea items!

Jewels of the Sea Slot

They just get Jewel of the Sea by default. Our team has also worked on some new rewards in return for your support in 2016. Jewel Sea's design makes it impossible to tell the odds – just guessing between the low and high. In addition to the Jewel of the Sea video slots, you will also get rewards from our new rewards program for players who participate in our free contests! This month our first "VIP" tier will be available for three days only!

These rewards are based on your active participation in our free contests, and the bonus jewelry will be limited to 3-day only. Be sure to visit Mazooma's website soon to see what the new VIP tiers really mean for us! The first Jewel of the Sea 2017 will be available for 4 days only at 5:30 PM PDT on 4/21! This exclusive Jewel of the Sea will include a special bonus level that will grant you exclusive Jewels.

Jewels of the Sea is a free to play slot

If you enter one of these slots, you will receive all of the Jewels you choose for that Slot, PLUS the Jewel of the Sea video slot as your daily play mode for the next 4 days. As the free contest runs through August 6th, the Jewel Slot on the first Jewel of the Sea 2017 will be locked.

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Jewel of the Sea 2017: The VIP slot and the VIP reward are currently available to Gold and Premium Gold members only. A new jewel tier for this year that will be available to Gold members from July 24th to August 3rd, and Premium Gold members on August 5th. The exclusive Jewels will all be available by August 22nd!

Final thoughts

The reels feature in the Jewels of the Sea Video Slot are triggered when at least five Scatters swim onto the reels. The free spins feature in the Jewels of the Sea Video Slot is triggered when at least six Scatters swim onto the reels. The Cherry Pie is a 2,500 coin game. The objective in this game is to keep the cherry pie in front of you. This game is very easy to learn.
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