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Players can choose to start the game as a random player, then choose randomly the Jewel Quest type they want to play and use the move of choice from that slot. If you play a slot that hasn’t worked out or you want to be different, you can use the move of your choice from this slot at an equal chance. Jewel Thief is all about getting as much win points as possible in each of these three games. Jewel Quest Riches has been created by three independent developers with different strengths: iWin, Kairosoft and Nicalis. All three have a similar focus on using simple and clean graphics to produce entertaining slots.

As a developer that has been working for many years, each of the three developers has developed at least one slot which many players consider their favourite, so each has a distinct look and flavour. The basic idea behind Jewel Quest Riches is to have multiple player slots for a range of levels of skill, from beginner to the professional. Jewel Quest Riches is a slot game where the goal is to move more Jewels than the other players. Jewels of the Orient was a Japanese themed slot with 1 Payline and 1 reyl, only 2 Paylines were provided. As with other slots, players have limited abilities to move Jewels with a limited number of moves per player slot. The idea of Jewel Quest Riches is simple: move your Jewels (also called 'Jewel Cards' for those of you new to the genre) forward by using the moves from any slot available at the time, but you have to have the moves necessary to hit the 'Jewel' target and reach the 'Jewel' column.

Jewel Quest Riches offers a wide variety of different slots

When a player has reached target number of Jewels and is ready to move a Jewel forward, he can do so by placing Jewel Cards in that slot. The Jewel Card that a player places cannot be moved or placed without the corresponding move card from the same slot. After all other player moves have been made a player can move a Jewel forward by using a move from any of the remaining slots. Jewels and Gems a 2By2 Gaming has been given the precious theme of diamonds. Jewel Quest Riches is a slot game which is heavily inspired by the success of the original game.

Jewel Quest Riches will be available from 3 p. Pacific Daylight Time) on Wednesday March 19 on iOS and from Thursday March 20 on Android.

The basic game is based on the classic game known as 'Jewel Quest' (not the new one though) with the ability to use a variety of moves such as "The Drop". The Drop is a move that allows players to move a Jewel forward that they have not moved yet. The Crown Jewels simply have some tricks that can trigger them automatically when you push the counterclockwise clockwise and vice versa. The game also includes a unique twist that makes the Drop the very first move of the round: the player may use the Drop in lieu of the Drop which moves forward the same amount. By now you will probably have realised that the concept behind Jewel Quest Riches is very close to the original game, but a lot more complex and full of hidden surprises.

There are also several additional features to the main game that are not included in the slot games. The Jewels themselves are created by slot makers that have been playing the game for many years. Cleopatra Jewels can be played with players who are not familiar with the game. Jewel Cards are generated by slot makers using the slots available to them at the time.


  • We're guessing you'll have the means, of course, to try a few games with us, too! Here are the games we've included with Jewel Quest Riches! Jewel Quest Riches is a card game that takes place in the fantasy world of Jewel Quest and takes place a little more in the real world.We have the full art set for you! You can buy the official digital art set here.
  • The new Jewel Quest Riches has not only been upgraded, it has got a whole array of new features to make the new Jewel Quest Riches experience extra special. You can now pick out and sell a number of items. That's right, we haven't even scratched the surface of what the new Jewel Quest Riches has to offer. T-shirts, hats, scarves, sweaters, polo shirts, hat mitts, scarves, t-shirts, scarves, sweaters, polo tops, hats, scarves, sweaters, t-shirts, scarves, sweaters.
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