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You can read more about the Mega Moolah slot and the video game it came on here, here and here. This Mega Moolah slot review is based on a bet made by one of the players on the official Mega Moolah account which gave him the £100,000 first place win last year. Mega Moolah Isis is also suitable for casino fans who like slot machines for a specific game only.

Mega Moolah plays pretty much the same way

You can click here for the full review of the Mega Moolah slot and see who won it then read below. The review is a little lengthy but you may find it useful after the jump. Mega Moolah followed in 2010 by Beach Life and then numerous more.

Mega Moolah Slot

The casino had been launched back in 2006 with three games. I was the lead operator of our casino back then andwere at one point called the Moolah Casino. We had no online slots at all at that time and we had no other online slots up to that point at all for the previous 3-5 years until 2013 when we started to run a couple of online slot games including the Mega Moolah slot as your casino. Mega Moolah Isis is a live social gaming activity and its games take place worldwide – worldwide events held in the Mega Moolah Isis venue. Were not making any significant amounts of cash at the time, just enough to cover the expenses of running our casino and paying our bills butwere making enough money so we decided to keep adding new games to the casino online as well as expanding at home to have three separate online game rooms for our online casino customers.

We ran the casino for five years and by September 2012 whenwere still able to make a decent profit we decided to go our separate ways and to move our operation of Moolah casinos onto a new platform called Julesports and then onto Mega Moolah Online. The Mega Moolah Online company was originally founded by some gaming associates from Moolah back in 2001, which means that their first casino slot game was the first one ever released. The Mega Moolah Online company still exists through to this day and the first slot I ever bet on the game was when we offered 2 in 1 wageringonline slot games as part of my work. I had my head turned by what all these online gaming websites had to offer so the first 2 in 1 gaming wagering slot was an instant hit.

The Mega Moolah jackpot is what makes it so exciting

I can still remember the first time that I bet from the Mega Moolah online slot where I took £10 on 5/1 and won the £200,000 first prize of the year. I bought my initial purchase ticket for the online gambling industry off of the Moolah site and my first Mega Moolah 2k9 win was the prize that day.

The games we have added in have seen our first ever online casino slot games grow from nothing to an online casino slot games with the first of our new slots taking the form of a 1 million pot and the highest stakes slot of all time, 300,000 in place on the first day to take a whopping £500,000 first prize to take the record as the first place Mega Moolah win ever.

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