Irish Eyes 2 Slot

Irish Eyes 2 Slot

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The Irish Eyes 2 Slot machine comes with a number of bonuses to increase gambling value: a guaranteed £30 bonus when a scatter symbol lands on your payline, a £10 bonus when 1/4 of the prize paylines are filled, and a £30 bonus when half the pot of gold is left. In addition, the Irish Eyes 2 slot also features new bonus play, a second 'poker' deck which offers a 20% bonus whenever the first deck is played with the prize paylines. Leprechaun Goes to Hell is being produced by the original Leprechaun Go online slot program. The third slot in the Irish Eyes slot game from Irish Eyes takes the traditional slot games on the casino table and adds a dash of slot machine action to the mix of dice games and slots. The classic dice game of Irish Eyes is back in your game of chance and skill.

Irish Eyes 2 has a good spread of reels

The Irish Eyes slot game starts you off with 3 dice and 3 paylines, as in the original game; but each player is awarded a total of four dice at the start of the game, and a stack of two dice to play against the first player. The Irish Eyes 2 slot machine features a familiar layout, with one row of dice and three to eight paylines set against a backdrop of the Irish countryside. This time however, they are set against more of an urban backdrop, so there is a little more to discover in this traditional slot game. The Irish Eyes 2 slot features its own unique gameplay feature that offers a special bonus when the player rolls their final four dice, and even makes these cards more valuable to the player. The Irish Luck bonus system is one to remember. The card is called 'Irish Eyes bonus cards' and the Irish Eyes 2 slot machine version also features another bonus play feature.

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The dice game starts player one with 4 dice and 3 paylines; in the game they are set against a backdrop of Dublinskyline and the city's iconic cobblestone streets. If the players roll two or more dice for a row of paylines, the player is awarded a bonus when they roll that amount of dice. The paylines feature the Irish Eyes slot machine's iconic green 'T' as the colour code, where the 't' represents the player's payline, and a symbol to signify that a player has rolled all eight dice. The Irish Eyes feature the Irish Eyes jackpot symbol above its counter top. The player can also choose to play either the 'T' or a 'J' and a 'W' to their paylines, and to show that they have rolled all eight dice.

Irish Eyes 2 offers two spin styles: 1) the classic "Double-Stack" which is essentially two reels of coins; 2) Two-Step (which I like a lot, which has a coin flip on the top reel.

In each of the four rows of paylines, the players are awarded a bonus on the day when they land on the board at the beginning of the game. In the game, the player tries to outwit their opponents, and they will want to make sure they have the best chance of beating the other player!

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