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That brings us to our review. I can say that Irish Charms is the highest-rated Irish slot machine as well as in my opinion the safest-playing slot machine in the world in that there is an endless cash-back scheme that can help you play the game for a long-time as well as an unbeatable return. Irish Charms is available for Windows PC from the Virtual Console site and Steam for Windows Xbox One. I have to say that Irish Charms is the most sophisticated of all slots in that each of the paylines in Irish Charms matches the respective payline of the corresponding spin-back in the slot machine.

In my opinion (and this is a personal observation based on my previous experiences with the Irish Charms slot machines) all these three aspects make Irish Charms the very best Irish slot machine. All in all Irish Charms is a classic Irish Charms slot machine with the unique addition of "Money Back Guarantee" – you will get an exceptional return in this game on your first deposit with no extra deposit required later. Leprechaun Goes to Hell Video Slot is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot which is brought to you by Boss Media. It is also a Slot where you can play with 5 paypoints at the same time. All in all, if you are thinking of joining the Irish Charms game, this is the last slot machine that you have to get the chance of playing with.

Irish Charms Slot

I have never played with any of the other Irish Charms slot machines that you can play with. I am sure it is a great slot that will make you a winner every time you play it.

A big thank you for making some of the best slot machines for the fans in their countries. And an obligatory review for those not familiar with slot machines.

Additional thoughts:

  • To show their appreciation, Game Freak has also put together an adorable photo of the new slot machine's opening image, taken by user Naijou. Check it out on the gallery below. Game Freak also posted the first set of game rules for Irish Charms, which you can see here. Game Freak also released a statement that it will announce a free update (via Twitter) for Irish Charms at the Gamescom press conference in Hamburg on September 9th and 10th.The update will include a few small fixes and general bug fixes, along with some features.
  • While the player's money can be lost in the Slot – it is not possible to lose money when playing Irish Charms as it offers the winner $0 winnings. If you prefer the old school style of Las Vegas – you might enjoy playing the Irish Charms and slot at the casino. If you prefer to gamble, be sure to check out online casino games such as King of Puddles & Slots - check out this online casino game.
  • You can purchase Irish Charms tickets and enter your ticket number as you get and you don't even need a ticket number, this allows you to buy Irish Cash directly from your Irish Charms website, but it is completely optional to enter your tickets number to receive a bonus point after a game that will entitle you to Irish Lotto prizes or free spins. For more information, please see the Irish Charms website.
A generous loyalty scheme and amazing customer service
A generous loyalty scheme and amazing customer service

Slot machines bring the online casino upward of 75% of its income, and over 90% of its turnover. Although some dispute remains as to the precise ratios, it’s obvious that slots make up a massive share…

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