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It can also be used for fantasy and probability betting. As the formula is fairly simple, players often ignore the detail when drafting, but when looking at a horse, the more detail a player does give, the better the score you will get. The formula is based on a number of variables, including number of points, total size/height, amount of head, and the type of riding position/wager. CAT RANKINGS- The overall ranking of the top of the draft is determined to be the highest overall position in the draft; all bets are based upon that. Virtual Horse Racing Game, Virtual Horse Racing 3D. Also, all horse racing bets are based upon the overall position and head of a specific horse.

TRENCH RANKINGS- This chart shows the overall position of each horse in the main book at the same time that the draft is being created. In the draft book, the number of places in the draft is not taken into account). The only way to calculate how often a certain horse is in the draft is through this chart. For example, The average number of points for a horse this round is 831″ can be calculated by dividing 831 by 8. 81 and multiplying by 4. Horse Racing Predictions, From An expert's Perspective, Is All About Predicting The Winner, By Using Strategy and Expertise. 2 to get an average of 3,936 – the rating value of that horse. The horse in question in this example is "The Fineform Rating Formula" which I personally think is a really cool book– read on to see why.

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At the third level, it becomes much more difficult to find those numbers in the data. It is clear, though, that the overall rating is one of the most important factors of every horse that is projected to take part in the draft, as it is what is referred to as the "T" point. Fantasy Horse Racing encourages participants to develop the skills and experience needed to play any game of horse racing.

The book is written by Clive Holt (who wrote the book that I referenced in my previous article here, and so it is quite nice to have a professional at the helm that shares their opinion of what they personally believe is the optimal level of detail that should be offered when buying and reading a racing book. For the most part he has been excellent for me, as he has put a lot of effort into his analysis of the books that he writes and it all adds up to great content on the topics of horse betting, horse racing books, and the fine arts of the horse-racing betting business. Horse Racing Tips Australia is for those who need that "I'm a horse" message and who need to plan for life. I was immediately intrigued.

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