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It's our 50th year of running Indiana Grand Racing & Casino's Kentucky & Illinois Derby. The Kentucky Derby and Indiana Grand Raceway will serve up two of the most exciting battles the Midwestern USA has to offer this year (both hosted by two of America's best horse racing teams as well as the world's best racing track). On Saturday, the Kentucky Derby sees Kentucky Derby winner and two of the leading horse racing teams continue the battle to determine who will claim the world's No. 9 spot behind the #1 U. S champion. The Melbourne Cup has always been a tough sell in the betting market. At Indiana Grand Racing & Casino, fans can catch up with the Kentucky Derby as well as the Illinois Derby to watch a final elimination sprint as the winner makes their move for the $500,000-Guaranteed Indiana Derby Title.

Indiana Grand Racing & Casino hasannual fee that exceeds $25,000

The Illinois Race's final round kicks off with a thrilling Sprint start in front of approximately 2,000 cheering spectators. The crowd and pace are as fast as any horse race ever seen at Iowa Speedway. The second sprint kicks off right when fans finish their pre-race entertainment and take in the second set of horses for the $75,000-Grand Sports & Casino Grand Prix. The Melbourne Cup has always had an old school feel, where the odds were set before the race was even confirmed. The horses in today's race have been riding at Indiana Grand Speedway since 1999 and this year's race will be their fourth, according to the horses themselves.

Indiana Grand Racing & Casino was founded in 1967 by Richard Petty, a world famous professional racing driver who spent more than 15 years as an Indiana grand-racing driver in the sports betting industry.

Horse Race Champion: D. Brown of the Illinois Horse Team. The second Sprint finishes with a stunning sprint on the final turn and an intense finish on the top of the track. A spectacularly dramatic finish to a thrilling race is guaranteed in front of a standing-room-only crowd. On July 14, the Kentucky Derby faces Texas Derby winner and two of America's top horse racing teams as well as the world's most famous racing track. Magic Circle “will soon have to find its first-team place, or a chance to finish in the top eight, but that's the way it is. The three horse racing giants fight for the $200,000 Kentucky Derby title as four of America's top teams, along with Indiana Grand Racing & Casino, make up the top-10 horse racing teams in the world.

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When The Midwestern Derby starts, the top of the Kentucky Derby will begin its thrilling finish on the 11th Mile, but just as it does every year for this great event, fans will have the opportunity to catch the action from the first 3 corners, beginning before the race even begins. There are a total of 24 horses on the starting grid today for tomorrow night's Kentucky Derby and the top 5 riders in each of the Top 3 and Top 5 Horse races will be racing toward the 2-stages of the Grand Racing & Casino Grand Prix on the final turn. At Indy Grand Racing & Casino, fans can catch up with the Kentucky Derby's top 3 riders. On Saturday there will be a historic showdown between the #1 U.S champion, Kentucky Derby winner D. Brown, and #3 Illinois Derby winner Josh Meehan.

Final thoughts

The Kentucky Derby is the second in the series of the series organized by Indiana Grand Racing & Casino. The Kentucky Derby runs March 1-8, 2018, from 2 to 7 pm, at Indiana Grand Racing & Casinoindianapolis. Tickets are available at various locations through Indiana Grand Racing & Casino to advance your party, entertain, and take part to the Indiana Derby on Saturday, July 13, 2019. The 2015 Kentucky Derby runs April 15-25, 2014, at Indiana Grand Racing & Casinoindianapolis.

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