Horse Racing

Horse Racing in South Africa

Horse Racing in South Africa

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Click here for a FREE PDF guide on horse racing in South Africa. It seems that every week there comes a new horse, so it's almost certain that this coming week you will see at least one horse of a different country as they make their maiden ride on the track. Horse Racing Tips Australia is a great source for advice and free advice. Check out our picks for this week and then head over to betting sites for some more recommendations. The fact that everyone is riding in South Africa again is great news for the sport and is a great reason to take some time out of your busy schedule.

The most obvious choice in terms of horse racing in South Africa is to head to the Phumelela and Leisure sites where you can purchase horses directly from their stallhouses or buy them from the online auction houses (eg Bancroft ). This is where you will most likely find any good and/or very good value horse. But you can go for as little as $7,000 if you want to experience the good life. You can also get your horses on at any of the online auction sites (eg Auction Galleries, if you don't mind the travel involved!

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