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Playtech took their title from one of the popular fantasy online role playing games like Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft. After a very short tutorial in the title screen it is then up to its user to pick their favourite myth, hero or god at random for all three slots they might find appropriate for them. The Three Sisters Slot video below is by Maximus and it was played beforewere able to capture footage of the prizes!

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Aside from exciting slot action, players can also enjoy video poker and keno plus table games like blackjack and roulette – all on PC or mobile device.

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If you are not a fan of the ancient races of Númenor or want to enjoy some modern-day role playing then you shouldn't have too much trouble playing the Age of the Gods: God of Storms online slot and are most likely to be impressed by the graphics and sound design. I am not convinced. The Goddess of Wisdom is often found wandering or in a cave or in the wild.

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The video slots used by Playtech are often dated and very basic with little thought given as to their functionality. For example, the two different slot games on offer, Age of the Gods: Gods of Storms and God of Storms: God of Storms (which can be played on iOS or Android tablets but they offer little else) both require a minimum of 3 hours of play. Age of the Gods Rtp: God of Storms is also available in a variety of formats, like video and physical formats. You would be unlikely not to be able to complete an hour of single player action, the more the merrier for those who want to spend as little time playing as possible.

This means that if you did choose a slot of your own then you may find that you are just playing the opening part of a video game that has been re-routed away from gameplay to give you more of the story. Playtech’s current Age of the Gods: God of Storms online slot is certainly worth a look but it doesn’t hold any particular appeal because it isn't particularly interesting online or any more so than the other slots at other slots like Star Wars, Star Trek or Age of Mythology. All this brings me on to my review of the final, free tier of Playtech’s Age of the Gods: God of Storms slot games. The Age of the Gods Rtp is for gamers looking for something different to play. At the same time one may argue that those who were disappointed with the Age of the Gods: God of Storms Online slot may have other reasons why they are enjoying the free tier.

It’s clear that this is a niche slot as the current Age of the Gods: God of Storms in particular feels rather unfinished to begin with. I still think that Playtech’s Age of the Gods: God of Storms is better than previous editions of the slot. But I think there has been too much of a marketing campaign and this may be part of the reason why its sales seem to be rather fragile relative to other Age of the Gods titles. The Age of Gods God of Storms Rtp gave a lot of people the chance to join the gods of a specific genre. I think the Age of The Gods Online slot for iOS isn‖t quite as disappointing as other slots ‖but it simply is not for everyone.

God of Storms: You play the role of a Titan who has awoken from a long sleepless sleep and awakened the dark titan who is destroying the world of man by destroying the Gods.

If you wish to experience the game for yourself then you should be able to catch the playtest campaign for a full version on Playtech's Twitch channel which is currently playing on iOS 2 and iPad with Mac operating systems. For the full review of the slot games by Playtech and what I like or dislike about them follow me on my blog site and look at my forum threads. I am also interested in receiving your feedback for my future reviews or suggestions on future playtest slots or anything else. The Age of the God Rtp Edition is a free version of the game, as well as the other expansions. If you enjoyed this Review of the Playtech Age of the Gods Online slot games then why not leave me a review on iTunes or your favourite video game app?

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