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If you think the Super Fruits Wild slot is an over-reaction you are, and I am sure there are plenty of people who would disagree, you can also play the other 7’ slot by getting rid of all six slot symbols altogether and have it be a 2’ slot instead of a 7’ slot by setting it to a bonus action for the amount of fruits you have left on your slot card. The amount of fruits remains exactly the same and it really does feel like a slot machine that adds another option to your already full plate, like if there's no fruit to play with that has to be thrown away if someone doesntake the extra action. With three of the six slots eliminated and two of the remaining six symbols restored, The Super Fruits Wild slot now has a good balance of classic elements as an upgrade to the original Super Fruits Wild, and itstill a nice touch that takes the old feel of Super Fun and turns it into something completely original. The Happy Fruits machine is great for the first few minutes, but once all the slots have been loaded, it is time to play. With enough fruits left on your character cards, the Super Fruits Wild slot actually makes the old slot better than the old slot without taking away any of the classic elements.

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It's not that the old slot is better, it just feels like it's more interesting. So, why the name? Opal Fruits is also a free online casino for all handheld and tablet platforms. While I love the idea of Super Fruits Wild slot, and the concept is intriguing, I'd love to see something a little different in the future. And when I think back to the concept I guess I'd also love to see Super Fruit Wild as a regular card game from Nintendo, where all of the cards are placed on a single table, rather than with each card on a slot.

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I don't really get how it can even work for a card game though. Like I said, it just comes off as an idea for a card game that I really would love to see in a game similar to one that Nintendo already has in store for us, but unfortunately this hasn't come to pass yet. The 30 Spicy Fruits Slot Machine is an online video machine with five (5X) reels, three (3) rows and 30 fixed pay lines.

Summary of article:

  • As a lot of players who enjoyed the old slot machines were no doubt shocked with Super Fruits Wild slot, the designer has crafted a unique and exciting game experience. Super Fruits Wild slot is the sort of game that I can never get tired of with its retro style of play, as you're not stuck fighting each slot until it gets empty - it has you battling for the sweet loot you want just as quickly as it puts the dice into play. The game contains a lot of nostalgia for its days as a slot machine, some of those old slot machines included such things as a revolving door, air-bubble and air-pump.

    The new slot machines from a few years ago are still available with classic games and the old slot games can be played online, for example Super Fruits Wild and Odds Are it Lucky are free to play until 2 Dec 2014, and Odds Amuse Myself is a paid upgrade from the normal Odds Amuse Myself (Free) slot. The Super Fruits Wild slot will cost £12.99 from Amazon UK but I reckon it will be just as popular with other indie niche sites like The Angry Video Game Nerd!

  • It's funny how most designers can’ and do’ get behind the idea of making a slot that feels right. We need to continue to see players enjoying new mechanics, even if it means we give them an entire little step closer to spending real money on them. And as for this one slot, I couldn't really blame anyone that was looking forward to it. This one is a lot less exciting and has a lot less bang for its buck and its only there because they decided to make it a Super Fruits Wild slot and not a slot just about the basic base game of this game.

    Even when it is done perfectly, though, Super Fruits Wild is something that will stay very special for a long time.

  • The original 'Fruits Wild' music video had more than 130,000 times the track count (a very respectable rate) so if there are so many copies, this will be a must for any fan of Super Fruits Wild. Check out Super Fruits Wild's new promotional website here.

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