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Some are tied directly into the game, and some are tied into bonus mini-games in the Arcade Mode on certain tracks, but the most frequent bonus feature is how it's tied into the rewards. If you can guess the name of that music track this way, just press Play to watch the music of that track play. The music plays through the background music of the tracks, and you are rewarded with Fruit Poppers. Fruit Cocktail uses the standard ingredients that make a fruit cocktail: vinegar, water, olive oil and spices. The reward for finishing all the tracks is the Fruit Poppers mini-game.

Fruit Poppers has a fairly easy play to it

What appears to be all four tracks play together when you complete a song. Here's how it works, you unlock these mini-games, which do not unlock any other reward or bonus feature within the Fruit Poppers Arcade Mode. Juice 'n' Fruits uses a single coin to start the game. Fruit Poppers is free to play, but that gives you the freedom to play with whoever you want to.

Fruit Poppers has 2 different ways to "lock in" which are the match-starting method and one where you randomly select from a set of tiles.

Here is an example of my Fruit Poppers Arcade Mode and how the rewards look after completing each song and giving the players all the information in the game! As you can see in the image above, Fruit Poppers rewards are tied directly into each track. Each track unlocks a Fruit Popper after you have a song of that song completed. Fruit Smoothies tastes more like a fruit and more like a regular dessert. I'm glad they did this, because Fruit Poppers is always a great addition when combined with the rewards.

I am excited to play Fruit Poppers and see how it performs on the arcade platform. Once the Arcade Mode has ended you can also play the free games and Bombing Reels. Fruit Smash 2 is a real shame that it is so easy to lose the game. I personally think that Bombing Reels is still a decent addition to Fruit Poppers, not necessarily the best game that there is. If you are a player who enjoys collecting stickers for fun, have fun collecting stickers or have just a little fun playing Fruit Poppers with your friends I really recommend that you pick this out.

Fruit Poppers' online feature is very basic and isntoo intrusive

I should mention that I played Fruit Poppers as well, and I would give it a go as well. I like that it is a free game that rewards as many of you as possible to collect stickers and unlock the rewards, whereas the Arcade Mode rewards more of both the players and players who enjoy buying items along the journey. If you've enjoyed watching this video you can watch more on the Fruit Poppers Wiki that details everything we took away from the Fruit Poppers Arcade Mode.

Final thoughts:

  • If you wanted to learn how to create a Fruit Popper site for yourself, I would recommend you read all 6 pages of the How To guide that I wrote about a mere 2 weeks ago. There are so many different kinds of Fruit Poppers and fruit flavors to choose from on the market, it would be hard to find many fun fruit items for it. I think just like any other shop, fruit pops can be improved through design, so just like any shop, fruit pops should be improved with a lot of attention to each and every one.

    And of course, the fun just starts!

  • These will allow you to play through the game as a new avatar or as a level 70 character. As for what doesn't work as well to the player, well there are plenty of other game content that the game won't have time for. Inventory Items - Fruit Poppers will feature all items in-game. Dining Rooms - In Fruit Poppers the player can spend some time interacting with the food and water items and other shops all in one continuous experience.

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