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However it's a unique gamble on par with other roulette spins such as the infamous SlotMachine or Maelstroms where payouts of several millions are possible. While much like slot machines, Fruits n Stars also can only roll one number and a player may only pay to bet that number on three consecutive spins. The Happy Fruits casino game is the highest variance video slot in the market. While Fruits n Stars is more of a craps option this is not a game of the spin and roll craps, however Fruits n Stars is much more a real roulette game than a slot game when it comes to it's odds. When Fruits N Stars is running it has an 8 % chance of rolling three 3's on the first two spins and a 2. 5 % chance of rolling one on the last two spins. When you play three straight spins this means for every two spins you get there is a 35% chance of getting a 3 or 3 and if you get 3 you are guaranteed a 3. 5.

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While Fruits Nstars may seem the most risky of all slot games, it is actually a very risky game that rewards skill to play it well. The first rule of Fruits n Stars is that you can only pay your money to a particular number, every time you roll a 3 it becomes a bigger payout and the second rule is that there are only a limited amount of spin times you get a chance to get a 3 and that is what makes this game so much more fun than many other slots. The Fruit's Lines Slot Machine Shop is currently hosting the next two new Lucky Fruit slots! If you play to your best ability it will be almost always worth $5,000 to you and if you are lucky or well skilled that is a lot of money if you can pull it off. A game for players not willing to give up their money for a few spins however if you do a good job and are not afraid to take one gamble every few spins, then Fruits N Stars may not seem to be that much of a gamble, but it's worth the risk.

Fruits N Stars is really a 6-reel Classic slot machine

Fruits N Stars is very addictive to play once you get familiar with it, as each roll is only a small gamble compared to many other slots such as SlotMachine, Maze, or the popular Maelstroms. While slots often seem very safe to play, Fruits n Stars is much more risk averse. You never know what kind of gamble you are going to pull off and that is why Fruits N Stars is so much easier to get into than casinos that are often so much more risky. The 5 Juggle Fruits slot game has a ton of fun and it certainly puts a smile on my face when I play it. This game is also just a little different than other roulette games where you need to make a big betone number to win, Fruits N Stars doesn't have this rule, you only need to pay if your money is worth it and it only takes a couple spins to pull the winnings of the payout.

So you've got Fruits N Stars to pick from and after a very long wait after the game came out for free online play, is the spin on Fruits N Stars worth the wait? Well, if you're looking for an affordable choice this should definitely be a good option if you are looking for a craps game that isntoo many spins or if you have a lot of money to play with. The Colossus Fruits slot machine can also be played solo with one more player. Fruits N Stars offers a lot of fun in itsimple, easy to grasp play, and the good thing is that these are definitely not the most expensive slot games and as such will almost always be affordable!

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