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Barcrest also announced a free update – a new Call of Fruity slot machine that allows for all-in-one slots for up to 100,000 coins each for players that own multiple video games (and a bonus with your favorite video game titles). Barcrest also revealed that with more than 11 million players online, there's always one or two players who get bored of a particular game and play more than one game in order to get a higher-quality score as compared to a single player. Sweety Honey Fruity is located near the beach in Fort Wayne, Indiana on the corner of Rt. 3 & Rt. 3 in Lakeway. Players were asked to send 3,000-10,000 coins in advance for the most basic Call of Fruity slot machines.

With the Call of Fruity bonus and the all-in-one bonus available to new players, a whopping 20 per cent of that pool were going up to $100k each. With this promotion, Barcrest had to increase the starting payout to $1,000 from $100 to reflect the increased number of players. Barcrest hopes that the new Call of Fruity slot machines will become standard video game slots for new and old players alike, as this is the first game to be introduced as a new slot machine based on the new video game title.

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