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It also helps players earn valuable VIP points which you earn at the end of each month or until your VIP points total is maxed out, at which point you'll be able to buy a Pixie Bingo t-shirt. Pixie Bingo’s freebie bonuses tend to be small in numbers, but still add a lot to your profits. The Elf Slots Promo Code site looks and operates exactly the same way we have come to expect from our competitors, even down to the new Bingo-Liner. For every 5 points the Pixie Bingo club reaches 10 percent cash back, so keep your bets going until you earn max cash back! Another bonus from its membership is a free visit to the Lucky Charm booth if you are a Platinum Club member.

Another bonus from Pixie Bingo's Membership page is that players who are part of the Lucky Charm VIP club earn free VIP lounges during each month, so check back frequently! There are also many other perks offered by Pixie Bingo which make it worthy of a VIP Club. The Club is the only place you will see ads of games on the game cards. Magic Fruits and M. slots are the first slots for which Wazdan is planning to offer free service and offers, respectively. If you like this feature, keep reading and check out the VIP Club section to pick up your club.

Pixie Bingo offers a few other benefits that, as explained above, I feel are better than the free promotion. The Lucky Charm Club membership also has bonus memberships, free lounges, contests, and discounts. Pixie Bingo provides bonus VIP lounges, free lounges, and discounts, but as they say, it's all about the little things! Magic 27 is a multiplay action game, which players can play solo or online. Pixie Bingo's new Member Cards, and as noted above, this is another perk that makes the Pixie Bingo Membership Club worth its weight in gold. For the past few months, the cards feature an updated logo with a unique, but familiar, Pixie Bingo logo and the words "Pixie Bingo Club".

Pixie Bingo also added an online slot game where the bingo was used to buy a 'lucky dip' of cash that could then be used to play or gamble at a nearby gambling table.

Here's a close-up look at the brand design. The bonus of the Member Cards can be divided into two parts: first and foremost is the Member's Lucky Charm Card, which gives players extra points for each game they win and gets them all access to the Pixie Bingo club's VIP Lounge. There also gets special VIP discount cards. The Blackjack App can be used to compare each player's game and there are also several hidden scoring modes to try out. Additionally, each member gets VIP lounge access during the month of December, which can be redeemed on Pixie Bingo's website for special discounts, prizes, contests, vouchers, and more.

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And there is actually a VIP lounge card with the following benefits in exchange for the member's Lucky charm card. The member is also eligible for the VIP discounts provided by the Pixie Bingo Club Membership. Magic Princess is like a mini-game with a very simple game-play-flow. First, each member gets an additional 40 VIP points for playing their Lucky Charm card or a free trip and VIP lounge stay on every night of each month.

Also, each member gets discounts on drinks at the Pixie Bingo Club. The bonus of the Member's Lucky Charm Card, and the first and most attractive part, is the Bonus VIP lounge cards which are redeemable against games being played, such as the Lucky Charm Club and Pixie Bingo Membership Club. Additionally, you can redeem those bonus VIP lounge points for special perks such as discounted tables or VIP lounge rooms, VIP lounges, party favors, games, and more. Pixie Bingo also includes a new feature called the VIP Lounge Passport.

Pixie Bingo Casino has a wide array of themed slot machines, but for us they were all out, leaving us with our hands full of bingo cards.

If a member stays in the VIP Lounge for more than 3 hours, the member may purchase a VIP lounge passport. The VIP lounge Passport makes it trivial to redeem vouchers which you can then redeem against all other perks available to the VIP Club member(s). It's a nice bonus and I think is worth it.

Final thoughts

The Pixie Bingo network provides the widest selection of gaming events for players, including more niche games to enjoy for those who enjoy a bit of whimsy or for people who want to challenge themselves. Pixie Bingo was created in 2014 and was launched in New Zealand on June 8, 2014 by the New Zealand Gaming Coalition (NZCG). The network is run by the Kiwibank Media Group, a major advertising agency.
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