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The lighting creates an environment that is visually appealing and entertaining to the eyes, providing your audience with a unique experience. If you are purchasing directly from your local hotel, we offer a wide range of low-cost, local theatre tickets. London Hippodrome Casino is very pleased to have the chance to serve the game organisers and the athletes they are planning. This includes live entertainment including, but not limited to, Live Music, Movie theater, Live Arts Festivals or events hosted in your favorite local venue. You do not need a hotel room to experience our live entertainment, while some special offers are not available to book directly.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. We take every type of situation we create in the entertainment industry and make sure all our offer packages are tailored to your needs. The Magic Mike Live box-set will be made available only after the show concludes. We do not recommend booking a tour of a specific event, such as a Live Music special or Magic Mike Live!

Magic Mike Live was developed between the time Mike and Elvira were planning an important business trip to South America and the initial idea for Magic Mike Live was created during that adventure.

Tour, when it might be appropriate to schedule a specific event. Most of our pricing will include the purchase of all-inclusive seating with pre-order and special price options! The Planet Hollywood family has been running the property since 1969. We offer a special pricing that applies to all Magic Mike Live shows. The prices will vary with your group.

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    Magic Mike Live in London: Tickets, dates and everything you need to know It’s getting hot in here. Magic Mike Live opens in the West End this month and we’ve got the lowdown on the show. Channing Tatum’s Las Vegas bonanza is grinding its way into London, so get ready to swoon.
  • The Theatre at the Hippodrome Casino, Dec 28, 2019

    Tickets and RSVP information for Magic Mike Live’s upcoming concert at The Theatre at the Hippodrome Casino in London on Jul 10, 2020.
  • Magic Mike Live!

    Magic Mike Live! Tickets 🎫 Premium Table Ticket for 1 person 🎫 Floor Ticket for 1 person 🎫 Upper Level Table Ticket for 1 person 🎫 Couches Ticket for 1 person General Info 🕒 Date and time: Multiple dates & times 📌 Venue: The Theatre at The Hippodrome Casino 👤 Age requirement: 18+ with valid ID Descript

The prices can't be customized for your particular needs. For more information on what makes a special promo for Magic Mike Live, visit the promotional schedule or purchase tickets here! Magic Mike Live has a wide variety of VIP, event and event offers available. The Rat Pack continued appearing on MGM shows until 1966, at which time the famous gambling machines were finally put into operation. These offers are limited to the Magic Mike Live Experience or Limited time for Magic Mike Live players worldwide.

Magic Mike Live

We also sell VIP T-Shirts, Tickets, Club Passes or Ticket Sales to our membership members who do not own a Standard or VIP Ticket. Our VIP T-Shirts, Tickets and Club Passes are made especially for those of you who would like more than just one night of Magic Mike live at a time. This includes T-Shirts for special Guests with Special Services or Special Limited Time Events, Special Club T-Shirts and their associated Club Passes, Club Passes for select members and Club Passes for VIP Groups. Las Vegas Shows are scheduled for 05/19-05/22, 2020, at the Park Theater at Park MGM Hotel. Please visit the VIP T-Shirts page for general details.

We strive to provide you with the best information through our online Magic Mike Live Ticketing. For more information and more information about our VIP, EVENT and EVENT T-Shirts, visit the VIP Ticketing pages. Fremont Street Events Center is a massive outdoor entertainment attraction with seating on a number of screens and chairs. We only send and receive all promotional codes once a week, so please check for the same.

The Magic Mike is just another beautiful community that is home to people like you…all surrounded with amazing people and dancing in a world of dance and laughter.

We take no responsibility for delays in receiving a promo code. If you would like additional promotional codes, please Contact Us by emailing our marketing team. If Magic Mike Live is available on a single-day, or multiple days, please contact us for additional time. Hard Rock Casino West Palm Beach has been a major player in the Florida poker market. We will provide you with all your promo codes in the form of a separate card.

  • Is Channing Tatum in the Magic Mike London show?

    Is Channing Tatum in Magic Mike Live London? Channing is the director and creator of the show and does not appear in it, but as Channing often says, he “can't wait until he's in Magic Mike shape” so he can perform in the show!

Special events are scheduled in advance of any Magic Mike LIVE performance to ensure that you have an exceptional experience. You may purchase a special promo code to receive your special card, and only if you pre-ordered Magic Mike Live via our website, please make sure that you have the same number of your Magic Mike Live event ticket. You should cancel your order within 48 hours of your purchase and have no longer received your promo code.

Additional information:

  • The venue will transform from a live stage to a state-of-the-art, bespoke, luxurious auditorium, with the latest and greatest in technology and show performance equipment. From 4pm on Friday 29 – Saturday 30 November, visitors will have the privilege of a private backstage tour with Magic Mike Live production designers (the same team behind the show's world premiere in Las Vegas, as well as enjoying a cocktail or fine dining at one of the celebrity restaurants in the venue's restaurants. Tickets for the show are priced by event, with an average price of £450, plus VAT which will be charged on any and all tickets sold.Magic Mike Live has already been sold out for a week and ticket holders will only be able to entertheatre on Wednesday 29 November, to book their spots for the show, from 8am to 2pm. Tickets for Magic Mike Live are available from the venue's online booking page.
  • It's a good way to see the world and show off your best performances. If you are in the West Indies or in the Caribbean to find the best live performance in the world, this is for you. The live performance on Magic Mike Live on Friday 16 July is called The World Magic Show. Friday 16 July is the busiest night of the year and the weekend Magic Mike Live is the best show of the year.The live shows come during the weekend to celebrate the 20 minute mark and at 9pm they run until 16pm.
  • Tatum stars opposite Matthew McConaughey as the voice of Mike the Magician and Michael Caine as the character's manager, and is playing the role of Magic Mike live from the MGM Grand Hotel across the road from the Broadway Theatre. The event kicks off Wednesday 28 November and runs at the Palace Theatre until Friday 25 November – and promises to be one of the most spectacular events on stage, whether you're a Magic Mike fan, or just like some live music. Tickets range between $25 US (£16 UK) for general admission, to VIP tickets, including entry, VIP car-pool, exclusive, exclusive access to one of over 90 of the studio performances and the first three hours of shows.VIP admission also includes one of the first 24-hour lounge access totheatre or to the backstage area. VIP tickets, like general admission, will be available for pre-sale the next day.
  • The three-day show will feature an entirely original cast. Over 400,000 people have been asked to dress up for the occasion, but not a single Magic Mike has ever attended. It will play out throughout the week beginning on Monday, 5 December. Theatre at the Hippodrome Casino is the UK's premiere production house and one of Scotland's most popular venues hosting the world's biggest Broadway shows, with production of Tony Award winning Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 set to open there in August 2018. For more information on Magic Mike Live or for tickets, please visit or call 01484 688 730.
  • Please try our free trial of free strobe lighting for 10 minutes before committing to a full purchase. Please note that if you purchased the Magic Mike Live! Magic Mike Live ticket will be delivered to your address upon payment in full in 20 days.
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