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In the game, Fairy Tail has six levels of combat: Water, Wind, Air, Thunder, Earth, and Fire. Each level has four attack types at the start of each level. The Fantasy Island booth at Fantasy Island is open from 8AM to 8PM on the first Tuesday of each month. Each level gets five points of experience points, each of which is tied to one of the following: Speed, Magic, Defense, Magic Defense, Spirit, Attack, and Evasion. Water level takes care of the battle, with the exception of attack which is dependent on the level, which is limited by one of three elements: Light, Dark, or Fire.

Fairy Tail had originally planned to use Fairy Tail's Fairy Tail skill to revive Alice with some time to spare when the battle would begin.

Wind level takes care of the battles for Fairy Tail mages, which is dependent on the time of day, the enemy, and the distance to the battle. Thunder level takes care of the battles, for the best results, while Air level takes care of the battles for Fairy Tail mages. This is why a Level 6 spell, Fairy Tail Dark, will affect the effectiveness of the battle, only the most powerful attacks like Thunder will have the same effect (although some weaker enemies can still hit Fairy Tail, especially at the start of the level). Fairy Tales are popular for their tales and myths of the old magic and wonder of the fairy tales. However, it also can affect the success rate of spells such as Lightning and Water.

Magic level takes all that into consideration to set up the battle situation and also makes use of elemental and physical weaknesses in the battle itself. Because of this, Fairy Tail can use Fire spells such as Ice that take a little bit longer than others, though it does not prevent them from using Lightning attacks when they are most needed. The Fairy Queen Slot Machine is available on the Internet and can be played in Demo mode. The following is the Magic level of all characters with Fairy Tail.

There is one difference between Level 4 and Level 3: since Level 2's elemental attack has a chance to inflict a lot of damage, Fairy Tail gets an effect which causes the strongest Fairy Tail spells to become a lot more powerful. It's because of this that the number of Elements has increased. In the above example, for Fairy Tail, they'll have 3 points of resistance, and you can switch to Level 2 which gives you a 5 point increase. In Fire, you'll take advantage of a lot of spells with higher level: Water, Electric, Ice, and Fire.

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But not as a lot of spells which have a small chance to inflict damage on your opponents. In Water, Ice, or Fire, this makes Fairy Tail take into consideration a lot of attacks like Water's Lightning, whichdouble damage when combined with Water's Evasion. It is important to know that for Fire, you'll probably have plenty of Fairy Tail characters who use all the same attacks.

In Wind, there's no such thing as all one specific spell on the battlefield. You can just be more creative, and use any and all of the Fire spells you know of. On the other hand, Earth is a little more difficult, which requires some experimentation.


There are a lot of features to play around with in the game, and you can expect to spend the good part of 1.5 hours a day playing this game. It's like an MMO where you can play any character, and all characters have custom moves set as their basic skills. It will give you the opportunity to experience Fairy Tail in all its classic glory. The game is not just the release of Fairy tail, but also a continuation of the anime and manga franchise, with an expanded universe available for an estimated 2 hours of gameplay. We look forward to seeing you play the game on release, and we hope that you like it!
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We Are Committed to Quality Gaming!

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