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Use a spell to collect jackpots in the Faerie Spell Online Slot. The reels shown to the right are for the regular Faerie Spells slot only. The Fruit Frenzy Juice online game will allow you to play as a family. In most cases you could win a lot more magic by using the jackpots to the left instead. Betsoft Games is well known for the Faerie Spell Online Slot on their 3D slot games that they have for the past four years (from 1999 to 2010, but they've just recently added a new slot game for the whole internet. Faerie Spells (released in 2019) is a 5-reel slot that is linked to 4 jackpots in a magical fantasy world.

The game is not like other online slots with only one jackpot on the line in an infinite supply. Instead, if no other player is on this game, this slot, and one and only one of the points on the board, will never be emptied: the entire game board will be in the Faerie Spell slot; and you will never be forced to move. You must just concentrate to win; or try to win with luck: which is the hardest thing you could do to lose the game. Diamond Jackpots by Blueprint is a 5 reels 10 line online slot game which features a royal purple theme. There are five different options the players can choose from when they launch Faerie Spells: Faerie Wizard, Faerie Magician, Spirit, Witch and Magician Wizard.

Faerie Spells is available when you download the game and play

The Spirit Wizard is the only Wizard who can not only give all his points to their owner. Also, he can get some faerie points if he wins the game. The Faerie Wizards can help with the magic points for these players, but if the Spirit Wizard gets a magic point too, he takes it away: Faerie Wizard, Spirit Wizard and Witch Wizards receive a percentage of the points in the Magician Wizard's magic points. The Fairy Dust Slot Machine is a great way to start playing a game and bring it to life with the game. Faerie Wizard can play one slot and he can earn more faerie points by doing magic tricks or by doing something nice.

Faerie Spells - this is another one of the best games currently available and not only plays more cards than all the others, but it also includes some unique features and it looks amazing.

Faerie Wizard is another very good bet for wizards with limited experience. You should keep in mind that the Faerie Wizard gains more faerie points when you do magic tricks and by doing something nice. Vegas Hero did not stop there either, as it added more than 15 slots cards and a few other games to the games lineup. To use the Faerie Wizard, go to the "Game Board" in your 3D game and play Faerie Spells. Here you can also try other magic tricks, but the Faerie Wizard can only give magic points to his owner.

Magician Wizard can gain more faerie points by doing any kind of magic; so you can also play both Magician Wizard and Spirit Wizard with great effect. The Faerie Wizard and Witch Wizard can increase the size of their spells, so you can take advantage of their effects to get more faerie point per magic point and thus more points on the game board. Faerie Spells Slot Machines offers a number of very solid spins. The more faerie points you have, the more you can afford to be on the Faerie Spells card. Faerie Wizard and Faerie Wizard can both earn more faerie points when their points are used by doing magic tricks, or by helping each other, so it's good not to take on Faeries as the Spirit Wizard does.

Faerie Spells has a few minor design flaws, however

The Spirit Wizard should be used carefully. He can get a magic point for every player on the game board, but he can also be used for tricks too. Progressive Jackpots Online are actually tied directly into the slot machine's payout rates. The Spirit Wizard can also add the Faerie Wizard and his magic points with some Faerie Spells he's given; so he can get his own Faerie Wizard points when those are used along with some of the spirit wizards' magic points.

Faerie Spells Online uses a fully automated feature to pay in real time and to determine and show the winnings of all players within the live world.

As there's already lots of Spirit Wizards, you should keep in mind that the Faerie Wizard and all his magic points are used in Faerie Spells and nothing else. As the Faerie Wizard can do magic tricks, sometimes he has the option to play the Spirit Wizard on the game board, too.

To round it up:

We want to thank Mr. Ralf Gulland and his colleagues at Betsoft for creating the wonderful game Faerie Spells with a magical fantasy theme and creating a magic fairy-tale land. While the games are currently free to play in the world of Faerie Spells, it is not free to play any other way. Faerie Spells will be free to play for a few years after its release in 2019, as well as after the 4 free mini-reels are unlocked, and as soon as the jackpots are awarded. That concludes Part One. We hope you enjoyed reading all about Faerie Spells‒ and please leave questions and comments below.
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Loads of top-quality online casino games for you

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